Ya'alon says Israel worried about Iran deal, slams Turkey's 'cynical game'
Yitzhak Benhorin, AFP
Published: 22.10.14, 09:47
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1. Why does the US and the P5 continue with the Iranian Charade
The UN atomic energy agency had confirmed that Iran had not been truyhful with regard to agreements to open itself up and confirm by verification that it is not pursuing a Atomic weapons programme. It has repeatedly failed that test of transparency and refuses inspections. Why does the US administration play this charade and keep on extending the deadline for agreement and the evidence of non Cooperation and deception. Iran had said and acted consistently in refusing to scale down is enrichment and nuclear and ballistics testing. It seems to maintain its ability to break out it's nuclear weapons technology. That won't change so why does the US administration string along with the charade. Talks won't lead to an agreement on a non nuclear weapons programme in Iran or the ability to quickly institute a change to one. It is anunchanging ambition and target of Iran so why ignore the evidence of the UN nuclear agency over the last two decades.
2. iran
unknown ,   unknown   (10.22.14)
cooperate with the sassnid empire ,sissi is copying a war called in wiki al sawarm in arabic and battle of the masts , he won't survive against the persian empire , you should cooperate with that empire end
3. Treachery is no ally
US citizen ,   Atlanta, US   (10.22.14)
God alone is faithful.
4. #1 This Charade as you call has been in the works
For some time, b.H.o. Has been working Behind Closed Doors AGAINST ISRAEL on All maters, look how Bibi was treated after turkish Terrorist tried to break Israeli LEGAL BLOCKADE! Bibi was thrown under the bus by Nonother b.H.o.! It's my understanding that a deal has already been struck by b.H.o. And tehran? This waste of time pathetic 5 + 1 is just going through the motions until they reach their Nov date! Israel Must Know That CANT TRUST the muzzie in charge!!!
5. LOL, sure
Onas   (10.23.14)
and Likud party was founded by Irgun Jewish terrorists. Turkey ought to label various Jewish terror groups and hunt them down.
6. none so blind as those who will not see
CJK   (10.22.14)
the shia terror regime has said openly that it will maintain its levels of enrichment and wants at the same time the lifting of all sanctions of the un and the us. the shia terror regime wants to retain its nuclear weapons program while also demanding the lifting of sanctions on its energy and banking sectors.
7. @ 4 Are you serious?
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (10.22.14)
Israel is a sovereign nation. It can take care of Iran if it feels threatened. American has it's own interest and so does Israel. Israel has my blessing to march on Tehran and find those WMD as long as the US doesn't have to get involved costing us money or diplomatic capital. The American people support Israel, however we don't always have to toe it's line, just like it doesn't have to toe ours. We have about a few hundred billion reasons not to fight an endless war in Iran over suspected WMD's. If Israel wants to fight Iran, please go ahead and do something and stop spitting mouth farts,. "You can't trust us" then trust yourself and get the job done, We will cheer you on. (Wink Wink)
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