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Why is Kerry singling out Israel?
Guy Bechor
Published: 25.10.14, 11:44
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1. Guy, it was a very well written article
Avi ,   Israel   (10.25.14)
Merci and congratulations!
2. John Kerry's bias
Moshe ,   Israel   (10.25.14)
Probably this anti-Israel "virtue" described in the article led Obama to choose him as his Secretary of State.
3. Kerry is not singling out Israel
He is singling out the G-D of Israel. He is singling out Torah. That is how powerful he and both his earthly boss and demonic boss foolishly believe they are. He is singling out the Nobel Prize; a statue, an idol of no worth. That is how empty he is. Look in his eyes. Tell me what you see.
4. USA Policy Produced the Islamic nightmare.
Zechariah   (10.25.14)
The Jews cannot allow a Palestinian state in its Demanded borders for security reasons .Judae and Samariah will need heavy Militirization to Defend against the Threats of the future .Islamic Califate Populism has little to do with Israel.Its Islam at its Core . .The Jews are a small minority in the area and Islamic Extremist State has Tacit support of Many Arabs .
5. Nuncio Kerry
Michael Weizmann ,   auckland, NZ   (10.25.14)
The "anti-Israel view" of Kerry simply goes along with him being the most anti-Semitic type of false Christian. Namely, a Catholic.
6. Why is Kerry singling out Israel?
Bill Clay ,   Miami, FL   (10.25.14)
The last time I heard the defense that, "Why am I being picked on when other people do bad things too?", it was coming from my 10 year old child. Throwing dirt on others to attempt to excuse your own behavior just shows how weak your argument is.
7. Actually, proposal to sell Golans to Quatar
Miron ,   USA   (10.25.14)
came from Israel. The sales person was Zvi Barrel, after sale fall through disappeared from Haaretz seas and haven't being heard from for months. I won't speculate who he fronted for, or, possibly, partnered with. But it's hard to miss such obvious activity as framing of Katzav, in the run up to advertisement campaign.
8. John Kerry
is it because JK was born into a Jewish family and now wishes he had not been?
9. john kerry
obamageddon4nov14 ,   stow,ohio   (10.25.14)
Why? Because his moral compass is stuck at 361 degrees and he lives in Obama's 57th state! He does'nt represent the decent side of America! Bless Israel!
10. To All Commentators
Harold ,   USA   (10.25.14)
Yes John Kerry and others have to single out Israel because of its occupation, colonization, treating the Palestinian inhumanely and so forth and so forth. Never forget this conflict is not two, three or four years old it is sixty six years.
11. Of cause-
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (10.25.14)
He is influenced by His Spiritual father, the "Other One". Arn.Swedden.
12. Peace at any price
Ron ,   New York   (10.25.14)
"The one that look for Peace at any price is doom to go to war and pay an heavy price." RT
13. #8
Harold ,   USA   (10.25.14)
Do you know all Christians including John Kerry's grand grand fathers including me were born Jewish. Baptism changed them to Super Jews and i.e. Christians.
14. bigoted, prejudiced people cannot change their minds
CJK   (10.25.14)
obama had decided even before he assumed the presidency that there were two foreign policy issues he wanted to solve: 1 iran' nuclear weapons program; 2 the arab palestinian issue by giving them a state. obama does not care whether what he wants can be realized rationally and with the approval of interested parties. obama's dictatorial tendencies will not allow him to take into account anything that contradicts his own set agenda. kerry is just pushing obama's agenda. both men lack self knowledge and the "vision" thing that turns a mere narcissist into a great leader.
15. Kerry & Co
Kerry & Co could not fight the ALMIGHTY. Kerry & Co are made of dust and to the dust they will go.
16. John Kerry
SharonaFalco ,   Israel   (10.25.14)
Iam quite concerned about John Kerry,s stand for Israel since he,himself would be consideredJewish in both the eyes of Hitler and The Israelie government . Remember if you bless Israel you will be blessed but woe be to those who in anyway curse Israel for they will be cursed . That,s what The Lord G - d Amighty says .
17. kerry on Israel
Adele Gauer ,   king City. CA. USA   (10.26.14)
has any one ever looked into whether Ambassador Kerry is anti Semitic Coming from his patrician background and present societal leanings?
18. 10
yonatan Allon ,   adelaide/Israel   (10.26.14)
Yes, you are correct.For 66 years the Arabs have been trying to get rid of Jews from their home land.They get beaten in every war but still try.They are a horrible people who call themselves Palestinians and even their brother Arabs don't want them.
19. Obama hates Israel and America
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.26.14)
Keep in mind the fact that Obama hates both Israel and America, and it all makes sense. Kerry is Obama's lap dog.
20. The reason Kerry singles out Israel is because
A ,   Belgium   (10.26.14)
of all the aforementioned nations...Russia, Syria, Iran, etc., Israel has the only leader who Kerry and Oblabla, two weaklings themselves, feel capable of pushing around. Putin spits in their faces, Assad ignores them and they love their friends the Iranians. So why not pick on King Bibi the Weak, he doesn't put up much resistance? Moshe Feiglin for PM now, the White House team of Tweedledee and Tweetdledum won't be so tough with Israel when repatriation of the "palestinians" to Jordan and annexation of Judea and Samaria begins.
21. Because Israel is too dependent on the U.S.
Zev ,   Israel   (10.26.14)
22. Why? Because he can
The problem is that Israel still treats Kerry with respect. Israel should have reacted like Erdogan and in response to Kerry's obnoxious and disgusting behavior inform the US that Kerry is persona non grata
23. I Agree
Barbara ,   Mevasseret Zion Isra   (10.26.14)
I've often wondered the same myself.
24. #22
Harold ,   USA   (10.26.14)
You are just posting words to please your self and your followers. Just imagine Israel telling John Kerry is not allowed to come to Israel. If it is impossible then you have to apologize for what you posted. Wise-up
25. #21
Harold ,   USA   (10.26.14)
Do you know the United States is the pillar for the State of Israel and when removed, it will fall down to many pieces and probably disappears.
26. #22 And why are YOU posting words, bumpkin,
A ,   Belgium   (10.26.14)
to entertain us? That is exactly what you are doing as your posts are nothing but drivel. Israel is a sovereign state, as is the United States which allows you to pollute its landscape with your presence, Canada, Uganda, Japan, etc. And every sovereign state has the right to deny entry to whoever it deems undesirable. Ever seen Putin on the back 9 with Oblabla? No? You won't, bumpkin, Oblabla doesn't LIKE Putin (scared to death him too) even if he is the leader of world power, and if the sovereign State of Israel decides that John Kerry is not welcome there, than he will not be welcome not matter how long you sit in your corner and cry.
27. #8 and #13
Michael Weizmann ,   Auckland, NZ   (10.27.14)
Please note: Catholicism is provably an out-and-out cult, whose "baptism" (in the wholly traditional titles only) of babies, is a travesty of the true NT baptism of Repentance in the name of the Son. Catholic baptism is therefore worse than ineffectual, it is an abomination.
28. My apologizes to poster #22, my post #26 meant for the
A ,   Belgium   (10.27.14)
bumpkin at #24.
29. Israeli politics attacks Washinton
Ralph Rosenfeld ,   mission viejo ca.   (10.27.14)
Mr Bechor is typical of Israelis who defend their leaders failures by adeflection of the real Israeli issues to others. Insulting Mr Kerry whose government supplies 3 billion dollars a year to Israel is stupid. America is entitled to a difference of opinion and the Lapid is correct that insulting your benefactor is not in the best interests of the country. Look to to your own leaders failures to resolve anything in 40 years. How long will this Middleast problem continue? Stop blaming every one else for the peace failures.The world may eventually impose a solution if Israel doesn't.
30. Because "someone" didn't want to
Avi L.   (10.27.14)
Because "someone" didn't want to end the Gaza caliphate, because we came out of it as the weak side and weaks are on the recieving end of the stick, because Houssein Obama wants to apease the muslims (petrol). Even abbas is barking now.
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