Memo from US Consulate refers to Jerusalem terror attack as 'traffic incident'
Itamar Eichner
Published: 24.10.14, 09:25
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1. Insurance Issue
For the US Consulate to call the incident a traffic incident actually HELPS the victim in the attack if they had US citizenship and US insurance. North American insurance companies will not provide coverage if the person being insured is injured or killed in a terrorist attack. So before those provide hateful messages, the consulate was acting in the best interets of those that were actually affected by this act.
2. A bunch of PC rubbish
Aharon   (10.24.14)
The Obama administration has trouble calling events terrorist attacks, when they clearly are, preferring to call them incidents of work-place violence or something similar. With the recent terrorist attack in Canada, the Canadians were able to call it a terrorist attack before the US, who preferred not to label the attack. Obama is too afraid of offending Muslims and that's exactly why he's not going to be successful in fighting Islamic terror.
3. Traffic accident ? Is that why U.S. consulate warned
barbara ,   Haifa   (10.24.14)
all Americans in an overnight email - to NOT take the Jerusalem light rail as transport. Maybe they preordained more traffic accidents in the area.
4. Oh, and by the way - this terrorist has a record of crimes
barbara ,   Haifa   (10.24.14)
5. Mullah Obama is Israels enemy No.1 !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.25.14)
6. # 5 Harry Helpful
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (10.25.14)
The night the Nazi's broke all the windows of German Jews businesses left the German insurance companies unable to pay the claims so, the Jews ended up in camps... I know you meant to be helpful but, insurance and matters of terror don't exactly equate. BUILD MORE HOMES FOR MORE JEWS IN ISRAEL!!! Worry about insurance later.
7. # 5 ya got that right Chris!!!!!
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (10.25.14)
Soon to be Ex Mullah, that is..... GET EVEN BUILD MORE !!!!
8. Traffic "incident"
Stephen ,   Canada   (10.26.14)
If a terrorist plowing a car into people at a train station is simply considered a "traffic incident", then flying two planes into the Twin Towers in NYC was nothing more than inexperienced pilot error.
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