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Business powerhouse Africa Israel: No building beyond Green Line
Ofer Petersburg
Published: 27.10.14, 23:29
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1. "We Won't Be Building But We WILL be DRILLING
ASTRONAUT ,   USA   (10.28.14)
for oil. Palestinians AND Israelis may as well realize that they will NEVER be granted housing rights where giant OIL corp.'s have drawn up their own schemes.
2. Sad to see such move, but the "pocket" is thicker than blood
3. Good for you! at last, someone with a back bone!...
Rafi ,   US   (10.28.14) face down the duplicity of Netanyahu govt
4. This land is ours. That is all that matters.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.28.14)
Israel wasn't reborn after 2,000 years to line anyone's pockets. Israel was reborn because this land is ours. If this firm won't build; others will. We can build our land as individuals, if needed. The point is that Judea and Samaria are ours. They have been ours for over 4,000 years. That is all that matters.
5. politics
War is politics and politics is war. Just as in war you use deadly force to kill your enemies, in politics you use whatever means to eliminate your foe. The Islamists and Left want to eliminate Israel, and this economic pressure is just one weapon. This is no different than Obama preventing Kurdistan from selling its oil, or Obama's arms embargo on Sisi to punish him for fighting the Brotherhood.
6. Wait till the building freeze is over
Mordechai   (11.14.14)
Once Israel ends the building freeze and there is money to be made in Judea and Samaria they will be begging to build them.
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