Hamas using mafia-like tactics to make money
Dr. Adam Reuter
Published: 28.10.14, 16:11
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1. Tell us something we dont know
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (10.28.14)
There is possibly not a Regime in the world that is so corrupt, so violent, so ruthless, so cruel to its people What the people of Gaza have had to endure from Hamas control has been a nightmare
2. Just weeks ago I described just this process ...
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (10.28.14)
... to a liberal Jewish acquaintance. I was subjected to the usual skepticism but he admitted he was unfamiliar with the concept of a "donors conference". (The amount of ignorance on such matters is very troubling.) I persisted, and I think after a while he was starting to get it. Interestingly, during the conflict I think it was the UN's Ban Ki Moon who publicly stated that this would be "the last time" Gaza would be reconstructed. That was the wrong message. Instead, he should have announced early in the conflict that if Hamas didn't enter into an immediate ceasefire they could forget about any assistance rebuilding. THAT might have gotten their attention.
3. What a pity that the donor countries
Soon   (10.28.14)
have given in again to these fundamentally rotten, corrupt and lethal terrorist organization called Hamas. But Hamas will not be able to trick the world forever. Soon, their fall and oblivion will be here to stay.
4. Too true ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.29.14)
... but what will happen when Israel gets tired of Hamas' games, and simply reduces Gaza to a pile of rubble, deports all its residents, and annexes Gaza? Will the international community miss paying trillions of dollars to Hamas blackmailers? Qatar is a wealthy country. We'll send all the Gazans -- and West Bank ersatz "palestinians," too -- to wealthy Qatar. That should make everyone happy. Except the Qataris, of course, but who cares about them?
5. Business as Usual
Yosef ,   West Bank   (10.29.14)
This analysis, if correct could not have escaped the attention of the donor nations. After all, this will be the third time they are being taken on this ride.The cover-up of course is the display of "humanity for the Gazans" on the part of the donor nations. What a farce!
6. #5 - your analysis is weak
William ,   Israel   (10.29.14)
Your analysis shows a real lack of knowledge about both donor States and the transparency of donations to "Palestinians". It has been known for a very long time that most money donated to the "Palestinians" is not accounted for and siphoned off either for terrorism, corruption, or in personal bank accounts of leaders. One look at "Palestinian" society will show a contradiction to what billions of $$$ should have brought. So, here in lies the first problem - Western donors give money for political reasons, not to end a conflict. This can be seen in areas all over the world. You can see the majority of funds come from liberal countries that believe the "poor victim Palestinian" lie and want to punish Israel. These same nations continue to supply money for power plants, schools, building projects - without stipulations that these buildings NOT be used for terror or to teach racism. In fact, when a building IS used by terrorists to target Israel, and Israel - under intl law - appropriately responds and damages it, the donors blame Israel not the recipients of the aid which violated the terms of use. The next issue - with lack of transparency - is very real and again came into scrutiny after UNRWA was caught red-handed in its role helping Hamas. They too lost millions of $$$ through laundering to....Hamas, which ended up as terror tunnels. If Gazans want to be seen as human, they'd act humanely - that is, to seek peace rather than the perpetual attempt to destroy the Jewish State. Egypt is now doing what must be done and the world is silent - AND we will never see a protest break out in Europe or massive aid campaigns at the UN because of it.
7. Comparing intl aid to startup companies
William ,   Israel   (10.29.14)
This comparison is right on. It shows Gaza, indeed the entire "Palestinian project", as an endless money pit that provides no real return on the investment and has made no positive result, for the population, for the region, and certainly not for the world. Startup companies produce value - products or services that are desired and paid for, and even save lives or help us to communicate better. And these are entities that continue to produce value, for its shareholders and for its customers. In the larger picture, the world would be much better off if they used the $5.4B to support technology and healthcare for the world through startups - which do pay back into the global economy - than to the money pit of terrorists called "Palestinians" which only suck capital from global economies resulting in a recession and growth of terrorism.
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