Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
US has turned Netanyahu into its punching bag
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 30.10.14, 23:57
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1. Bibi is chicken
Avi ,   New York City   (10.31.14)
Anyone who knows anything about Bibi knew that he did not have the balls to attack Iran. Instead he made it seem like he was about to do so any minute, and now it may be too late. In that respect he is chicken. With regards to settlements, Bibi is the only PM to announce an official building freeze, and later have a de facto freeze without formally announcing one. His policy is chicken, in addition to being a complete failure and now the result of this failed policy are apparent in the diplomatic isolation in the world. Had he had the courage to announce that Judea and Samaria are historically Jewish and allowed continued building, this sad state of affairs would not have arisen. By freezing construction he in effect told the world that Israel has no right to these lands so many countries naturally concluded that in that case give the arabs these lands. Instead of arguing whose land it is, Bibi said that it belongs to the arabs and we are occupying it for no apparent reason. Such is the wisdom and cowardice of Bibi.
2. Good article but Israel needs to start looking at new allies
JVC ,   LA, USA   (10.31.14)
The US and EU are increasingly growing self-absorbed with insolvent economies and difficult social issues. The United States is so bifurcated along ideological lines, should nothing happen, another civil war will likely occur in the next decade. In the rural west "Don't tread on me" is the coin of the realm. Post-modernism, relativism, and historical distance from the Holocaust are going to increasingly embolden US Democrats and their constituents in favor of "repressed brown minorities" i.e. the 'Palestinians' and other warped views of perceived outcomes from Western imperialism. Israel needs to prepare for increasing distance from the US and invest heavily in relations with India, Russia, China and other amoral powers. Odd bedfellows but likely a future necessity. The US looks much different OCONUS than from within but Israel should take heart in Crimea, Ukraine, Tibet, Iran, etc... Do as thoust will... the West has no balls and even if they did, they have no staying power. The question is are the Israelis and Jews willing to do what it takes to maintain their independence and sovereignty? Cuba, Iran, and other pariah states seem to be able to endure privation and embargo. The advanced and sophisticated Israelis, who like their truffles and luxury cars... I'm not so sure. Russia, China, and India have excellent aerospace programs and electro-mechincal expertise which will compliment Israel's defense, research, and manufacturing sector... Bye bye USA! Have fun with your new Arab allies. Let's see how long that lasts!
3. America in damage control till Obama gone
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.31.14)
America is in the hands of a total incompetent, whose loyalty to America is dubious. To put it charitably. America is in damage control. Nothing good can be expected till Obama is gone.
4. Netanyahu as punching bag!!!!!
Harold ,   USA   (10.31.14)
For the next two years the US will not use its Vito power backing Israel and that will end the 66 years old Middle East conflict.
5. Obama does not do "self examination"
CJK   (10.31.14)
obama thinks that he is god's gift to humanity.
6. Don't you have any mirrors in Israel?
Harri ,   EU   (10.31.14)
Everybody is using Netanyahu as a punching bag. Last punch game from Sweden. It's not because everybody is unfair, but because your current government has no foreign policy or peace strategy and it looks like your right wing ministers have never heard about diplomacy. If your government mocks US, you blame they are just telling the truth, but when the world tells you that your actions and reactions are stupid, you are crying about antisemitism. Shame on your inept government.
7. Another internet hero
Steve   (10.31.14)
Netanyahu and his family have made great sacrifices for the State of Israel. Why don't you get your nose out of your books, say goodbye to your fourteen kids, and go join the IDF. Perhaps you can show them what real bravery is.
8. what failures?
What makes Yemini that Obama thinks he has failed and that requires introspection? Since 2008 Obama has made it clear that he intends to eliminate Israel and Islamicize the Middle East. The fact that Israel is battered, hated, isolated and closer than ever to extermination while Islamism is stronger than its been for centuries means Obama has done exactly what he wanted.
9. Bibi Plays US Partisan Politics
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (10.31.14)
After 6 years of Netanyahu playing US partisan politics and having all his surrogates call Obama names and denigrate US Cabinet members, somebody in the administration called a spade a spade and show a little spine. Appearing to appease every Israeli whim on all things hurts the US. The current spat just shows that the POTUS is nobody's lackey and should not be viewed as Netanyahu's poodle or lap dog or lackey. The POTUS can only be pushed so far. Call names or have surrogates call names gets a well earned repayment in kind. It is also cheaper than sending a wing of B-52s to orbit Russian airspace.
10. It's All About Making Sure The Jew.......
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (10.31.14)
is weak and dependent.
11. 100% right
tiki ,   belgium   (10.31.14)
The West is at loss what to do about the invading & out of control different Muslim Armies. Their 'dealing with the problem was opening their borders for more to come (family reunion) and appeasing those emptying the social benefit coffers for their own use (voting robots) Using Israel (the Jew) as a punching back for their own failings comes without a question for admitting failure & saying sorry is out of the question for the losers at the top.
12. True
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.01.14)
Ron Ben- Yishai tells it as it is here. The U.S. Administration in scapegoating Prime Minister Netanyahu has acted wrongly and worse.
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