Netanyahu's self-serving conflict with US
Yuval Diskin
Published: 31.10.14, 23:25
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1. Diskin is like a inverted compass:whatever he says, you know
it's exactly the other way around.
2. 1
unknown ,   unknown   (11.01.14)
bibi KSA foot soldier are attacking sisi , sisi has two choice either dispose of them or lose the country
3. 1
unknown ,   unknown   (11.01.14)
try to switch sides, when the time suit be a political ally of hamas or fatah , diplomacy need a love and a flexible thinking
4. Rubbish. We build in our land because it is ours.
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.01.14)
Diskin is clearly devoid of any leadership knowledge or capability. He knows only total subservience to profoundly hostile Obama and every other foe and false friend. Diskin makes a great deal of noise but he has nothing of value to offer Israel. Israel must build, without limit, in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria because this land is ours. Period.
5. Kerry Apology Damages USA
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (11.01.14)
The Kerry apology damages the US by confirming all the subservience to Israel rumors in the Arab world. It also weakens the US hand in dealing with Iran, China and Russia.
6. Bibi and Obama
Sam Clarke ,   Franklin, US   (11.01.14)
As a staunch supporter of Israel, I am appalled at our current administration's obvious efforts to undermine your Prime Minister and our relationship with Israel. I pray that Tuesday's elections here will lead to Republican control of both houses. If this happens, Israel will have strong friends in the House and Senate and the President will have less power to undermine our critical partnership with Israel.
7. the weakness of the argument
CJK   (11.01.14)
obama and his closest advisors hate israel and there is nothing to be done about it. the two major issues are iran's nuclear weapons program and the creation of an arab palestinian state based on so-called green lines which are the old armistice lines. no responsible israeli leader could agree with obama's positions on these two issues. they define israel's national security. obama plans to sign a capitulation deal with iran which will let that genocidal terror state keep the essentials of its nuclear weapons program. obama has also been conspiring with the arab palestinians to undermine israel in the international arena. obama is without any doubt on the side of the arab palestinians. obama had boycotted the knesset on his visit to israel, an absolute insult to the government and the israeli people. his boycott was meant to send a message to the arab palestinians as well as to the muslim world.
8. 5 What damages the USA
CJK   (11.01.14)
Obama's incompetence, his disloyalty to traditional US allies, his lawlessness. BTW, you sound like an old soviet propagandist.
9. Bi Bi..Please come home to Cheltenham. Do not..
Ali ,   Villanova _USA   (11.01.14)
MAE IT ABOUT you... The Palestinians and the SABRAS can get things done..and can live in Peace. It the Likes of you and Avigdoe who do not want peace.. Peace is not good for your agenda ..You do not want another SHOAH.. NO worry...The likes of you and Avigdor will bring the is SHOAH.. Leave to Cheltenham.....Please.. Live in the USA.. and take AVigdor along..Peace will come....
10. Diskin
Diskin should read Caroline Glick's latest article that eloquently states what any sane person understands: no Israeli PM has done more to satisfy US demands at great political cost to himself then Netanyahu. The only thing Netanyahu received was humiliation, insults and increasing demands by the Obama regime. Just a few months ago, Obama squarely supported the genocidal Hamas as it targeted Israeli civilians, by inventing the "dead baby" blood libel, closing the airport, and doing an arms embargo. You'd think that even a Netanyahu hater like Diskin would see this.
11. self interests
john ,   toronto   (11.01.14)
It is because he chooses his own self interest that Israel gets the bad deal it gets. But he is self serving politician and there is no depth in his leadership. Any Jewish leader who serves the people like him will get their dues soon.
12. Diskin as a politician:
Scharp ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.02.14)
In progress - and he has to find partners. It could be interesting, and good for Israel. This article, however, is weak. Other articles by Mr. Diskin have been better, with concrete proposals. But he should continue, together with strong partners, and present alternative to Netanyahu and the current right-wing tilt in Israel - an altneu center of political gravity.
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