Kerry calls Netanyahu to apologize for insults by American officials
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 31.10.14, 20:44
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1. The cat's been out of the bag long time now, so all this
posturing is meaningless. Obama has a worldwide agenda, that accidentally runs parallel with Muslim Jihado-fascists and we are somehow in his way.
2. that is an evil ploy!
Calibi ,   Sydney Aust   (11.01.14)
Is a bazaar............USA is a failure at every level of world politics. A wild dream with high stake to the level of Divine expectation......."peace of Jerusalem". It will be an impossible achievement with cheap politicians like Kerry & Obama. It's like adolescents in high school putting pressure on a war veteran who is still in service. They are asking Bibi to take a rope to hang anything Jewish and blame on Bibi & Israel. (end)
3. Nobody reprimanded for "unaurthoriszed" quotes
Shep ,   Memphis   (10.31.14)
The WH official was obviously speaking on behalf of Obama - otherwise they would have been fired for such an infraction. Kerry and Obama released this insult on purpose and now are trying to do damage control.
4. Netanyahu should not ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.31.14)
... have taken the call.
5. That's no apology
Devorah   (11.01.14)
Is it, Valerie Jarrett? An apology would come from Barack Obama and look something like this: "On behalf of the United States of America I apologize to you, Prime Minister Netanyahu, for the reprehensible insult against you. Please accept this apology, and know that the person who made this comment will be publicly identified and severely reprimanded." Feel free to edit.
6. children,
david ,   Montreal,Canada   (10.31.14)
When I was in high school I didn't wont to beat a looser, so He called me a "chickenshit", so I ended beating the s.... out of him. Morality think twice who you are insulting.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (11.01.14)
He is a strong leader that addresses the real issues. Kerry and Obama can't get anything done and they just tiptoe around issues. They are not effective. They know that Abbas can't be trusted and is not strong enough to hold on to WB if IDF pulls out, but they are too "CHICKENSHIT" to admit it. That is the real truth. 1967 BORDERS can't be trusted in the hands of bunch villagers like Abbas or Ham Ass.
8. Apology our Appeasement
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (10.31.14)
9. the apology
C   (10.31.14)
according to the goldberg article in the atlantic, netanyahu was called all kinds of names by numerous people in the obama white house. kerry's apology is meaningless given the goldberg article which would not have been published without agreement from obama himself. it is absolutely obvious that obama despises netanyahu beyond all reason. it is also absolutely obvious that obama and his people are classless and crude.
His apology plus ten shekels is worth the price of a cup of coffee......
11. chickenshit
elia evron ,   london uk   (11.01.14)
if Netanyahu is chickenshit then Kerry is bullshit
12. The Title
Hertzel ,   Tveria   (11.01.14)
13. kerry/ ketchup-
ODED ,   USA   (11.01.14)
14. funny
Somfalvi says Kerry apologized, but the State Department says that Kerry called Netanyahu to demand he deescalate pressure in Jerusalem and that he permit Muslim (but not Jewish) prayer on the Temple Mount.
15. To All Commentators
Harold ,   USA   (11.01.14)
The officials who called Netanyahu a coward have to apologize and not John Kerry. Goldberg knows them and he must post their names to the world.
16. #4 Sarah B.
Harold ,   USA   (11.01.14)
Can he do that???? Wise-up and stop hating the United States of American I mean USA.
17. #7
Harold ,   USA   (11.01.14)
I wet person is not scared of rain. Netanyahu was called a liar, Nazi, warmonger, peace hater and so forth and so forth. So the word coward is not a huge insult.
18. It took them how long to do this?
jrebeccA ,   Modiin   (11.01.14)
19. # 16 Harold
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (11.02.14)
the same Harold who supposedly read the Bible and didn't remember G-d telling Abraham, 'He who blesses you i will bless he who curses you i will curse.' Harold's not only a liar but, it's apparent that English is not your first language. BTW, Yes, Netanyahu can do that and more. So you know bub, MOST American's abhor obama. You wise up you idiot. love building israel KEEP BUILDING !!!!!!!!
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