IDF confirms rocket fired from Gaza hit Israel
Yoav Zitun
Published: 01.11.14, 11:12
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1. Let's lose another war
Beno   (11.01.14)
That seems to work well for the oligarchs...
2. Losing is the new winning
Joshua ,   Israel   (11.01.14)
3. Why has Abbas 'all at sea' and oarless and directionless?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (11.01.14)
In the last few months Abbas has come up with so many 'solutions' that nobody knows what he wants least of all him YET...According to observers one key aspect in this complex situation is what is making Abbas put negotiations on hold...And its not got to do with Israel The fundamental question is - Can there be TWO Palestines..One in Gaza and One in the West Bank? Does the Geographic Split as in East and West Pakistan make it impossibe to integrate the 2 Societies politically, socially and emotionally? And now the '1999 Plan' first muted in New York by a group of young Palestinian Academics including it is said Edward Said as the most fundamental structural plan to create a Palestinian State is now once again being reassesed To create a Single Greater Palestinian State in Gaza in land area greater than Gaza and West Bank Combined from land exchanges with Israel for the West Bank and purchases of Land in Egyptian Sinai This would involve large scale resettlement but vast implications for the unified Palestinian Economy. It would involve substantial Israeli Reparations for the West Bank but equally huge economic benefits for the local region of Egypt, Palestine, Israel and Jordan from a physically united entity One of the group in that 1999 meeting was apparently what about the State Capital Ramallah? His answer.apparently 'Its only a name..just rebuild the new Ramallah in Gaza' What was so 'mind blowing' about this 1999 'meeting' no minutes of which were ever recorded was the initial Premise of the 'Brainstorm'. which was Lets think of what is BEST for Palestinians NOT what is WORST for Israel Answers please on a postcard....
4. It seems it's too soon to start rebuilding
5. Why don't we test launch a rocket and say oops ?
barbara ,   Haifa   (11.01.14)
6. SILLY YOU..... :))
les ,   canada   (11.01.14)
of course it was just a "test lunch". hamas just wanted to make sure israel is still scared to retaliate....the next "test" will be real barrage of the new and improved kind.
7. Leftover rats
John ,   Boise, ID USA   (11.01.14)
Looks like its time to clean house again and this time take it out of their spending money. Push the borders back toward Egypt then squeeze the rats toward Iraq where ISIS has offered a better way of life and a voice in the community
8. It is another test - about the 6th or 7th deadly rocket
but they're still too scared to fire "test" rockets on Tel Aviv when Israel will immediately retaliate. They are well aware that testing on Israelis residing in the south even killing some Israelis is not a problem with the cowardly government who are too scared to start with the US again so fast.
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