Peres: Where's the Israeli peace initiative?
Yaara Shalom
Published: 01.11.14, 20:33
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1. why Tel Aviv?
Considering the last war was launched from Gaza and targeted Jewish children, why didn't they organize their rally in Gaza City? It would be a fitting memorial to Rabin who helped make Gaza what it is today.
2. What do you mean Jewish state for Jewish people... where are
Miron ,   USA   (11.01.14)
you going to tack everyone else? In your "second state". And you think you are normal? Where is your doctor...
3. Where are the peace initiative
Harold ,   USA   (11.01.14)
Before the assassination of Mr. Rabin I remember very well Netanyahu and Sharon were speaking and giving speeches publicly against Mr Rabin and the Oslo Agreement. Few days later Mr. Rabin was assassinated.
4. #1
Harold ,   USA   (11.01.14)
Mr. Rabin was an honorable Israeli leader and he will be remembered forever. The Israeli leaders now are doing every thing and tricks just to keep their jobs.
5. Speech by Peres
Carole Gold ,   Georgetown, TX   (11.01.14)
In theory, idealistically lovely. In reality, to takes two and one of the two cannot be seeking the annihilation of the other. Proceeding on that premise is a suicide mission all its own.
6. There can be no peace as long as Muslims want EVERYTHING!!!!
Rami   (11.02.14)
THEY NEED TO LEARN TOLERANCE and how to share. ESPECIALLY on the Temple Mount.
7. Asking for peace is now "less politically correct"???
Realist ,   Israel/Palestine   (11.02.14)
Since when did calling for a viable peace become politically correct!?!?!? Consider this: there are an equal number of Jews and Arabs between the Jordan and the Mediterranean: Israel will have a hard time shaking off the "apartheid" label going forward unless those Arabs living beyond the '67 borders gain equal eights or their own independent nation, complete with the responsibility of their actions (sorry: calls to expel them as many of the talkbackers here demand is just plain barbaric!)
8. Netanyahu's Plan - Status Quo
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (11.02.14)
Netanyahu's plan is to rename the status quo, nothing more. He is willing only to allow Area A, with the current limited autonomy which allows no peace for Palestinians. They can be raided at whim, have their real estate taken at whim, and have no rights, just some privileges when the IDF allows.
9. G-d bless the memory of Y.Rabin...
Rafi ,   US   (11.02.14)
whose devotion to the people of Israel has yet to be matched by subsequent politicians...
10. #3-4 Do you also remember, bumpkin,
A ,   Belgium   (11.02.14)
how many terrorist attacks were committed against Israel while Rabin was shaking hands with arch terrorist Arafat, under the envious eye of Shimon Peres? Do you also remember how Rabin polarized Israeli society with his alcoholic outbursts, such as when he called the Israelis living in Yesha, which I was one of, "propellors spinning in the wind"? Do you remember THAT part too, simple bumpkin?
11. #9 Rabin was devoted to the bottle and his wife Leah
A ,   Belgium   (11.02.14)
was devoted to the $, of which she illegally held tens of thousands of in U.S. bank accounts.
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