Right-wing MK Feiglin at Temple Mount: 'We will change the reality here'
Published: 02.11.14, 09:15
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1. Israel MUST take control of Temple Mount!
Israel WON a war in1967 and it should NEVER have given control of Temple Mount to Arabs. That was a SICK behavior! Israel MUST regain sanity and do what is logical to be done!
2. Full Israeli sovereignty for Temple Mount
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.02.14)
Feiglin is completely correct about the Temple Mount. Our mortal "Palestinian" foes know whoever controls the Temple Mount controls Jerusalem and Israel. This explains their violent tactics. We must have full Israeli sovereignty over the Temple Mount and all our ancestral heartland of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.
3. Feigin's cheap publicity stuntman
David ,   Shiloh Israel   (11.02.14)
Whenever there appears a chance to start a riot on the Temple Mount, out pops Feiglin. like a Jack in the box! He then disappears until the next time around that the Mount is in the news, associated with potential riots? Additionally. he has declined to join legal demonstrations, answer comments, or any other activity that could suggest he's here with the people and not just for his own political agenda. Well Mr. Feiglin, I for one don't like having to deal with the after affects of cheap publicity stunts, which just end up with other Jews getting hurt. It's called sensationalism, and that's not what a future leader of Israel should be concerned with. So kindly get back in your box.
4. Feiglin is an arrogant fool
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (11.02.14)
The basic REALITY is there are about 7 million Jewish people in Israel and there are almost 2 BILLION Muslims around the world. Basic self preservation says that it is stupid to make even a small number of those 2 BILLION angry because when they get angry, they will impose their will on Israel and the US will NOT be able to protect Israel. The Muslims are NOT powerless and can easily do a LOT of damage to Israel. What I don't understand is why rational Israelis who actually want to have a future don't just put these anarchists into jail.
5. We have to de-throne King Bibi & fast!
6. Israelis are becoming more and more radical and extremist
Non Jewish Immigrant ,   Haifa   (11.02.14)
Israelis, like their neighbors are falling into rightwing extremism
7. having a think...
Sally Forth ,   Israel   (11.02.14)
So we can say that The Women of the Wall are to the Kotel as the Temple Mount Faithful, MK Feiglin, are to the Temple Mount...then what we are really saying is that in both cases we have people with a minority view who are: 1. refusing to see "The Other" 2. willing to light a fire of incitement leading to big time violence simply because they are certain that their minority rights are more important than those of the majority. In other words BOTH groups are anti-democratic, self-centered dangerous and violent groups.
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