Opinion  Smadar Perry
Al-Sisi's disengagement from Gaza
Smadar Perry
Published: 03.11.14, 00:23
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paul ,   australia   (11.03.14)
hamas is trying to beat egypt but if they beat egypt , egyptian intelligence member will say a conspiracy theory from turkey ,qatar ,EU, USA and if they don't the same issue in case of KSA they hate hamas to drag egypt to war with iran via proxy so they do that to drag them but the culprit is KSA you will have to deal with hamas the next election bibi , because iran sassnid empire is your partner
2. I guess it don't pay in the real world to support terroist
Way to Go Egypt ,   stop Islamoterror   (11.03.14)
3. Amazing, isn't it?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.03.14)
The international community utters not even a murmur of protest. Well, Israel can take heart. There is now nothing to keep us from annexing Judea and Samaria and relocating -- with 250 shekels each -- every Arab family illegally squatting in Judea and Samaria. The only question remaining: should Israel deport them to Gaza (the new "palestine") or should we simply repatriate them to Jordan, country of their citizenship? Me, personally? I'd send them to Gaza, so that they would really have an opportunity to build their ersatz "palestinian" state. It's doomed to failure, of course; everything the ersatz "palestinians" do is doomed to failure because they are simply too politically immature and the notion of a state is a concept which is eternally foreign to them -- they want to take over what Israel has already built; they are not interested in actually having to build something on their own. Tuesday, November 4. Elections in the United States. The ersatz "palestinians" had better be watching; it's far more important to them than they realize. Iran, too, but that's a story for a different thread.
4. Many similarities to the forced removal of Jewish presence
mindRider ,   The Free World   (11.03.14)
from Gaza in 2005 with one huge difference: the total absence of International Media to cover and feed their biased opinion to the ignorant masses and disrupt things thru "world opinion". This shows curbing democratic freedom of speech is not always a bad thing.
5. O great Pres AlSisi-please stand for Israel elections.
Alan ,   SA   (11.03.14)
You will defeat Bibi and ALL other candidates b y K O . for sure,no maybes Only you have the ways to handle the Hamas Hooligans and the other running dogs in Sinai Shukran.-Your admirer -Alan SA
6. Freedom of speach is not democratic
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd ca   (11.03.14)
Its bought and paid for.
7. Gaza is a rats-nest that needs to be cleaned through&through
8. what??
bisa   (11.03.14)
as if it has one dad or one mom ..... no terror is an idea ...aske donkishot who fightes the idea .. hahaha
9. no similarity
Sharon's ethnic cleansing of Gush Katif was to destroy law abiding citizens in order to surrender Israeli sovereignty over territory to Islamic terrorists. Sisi's action is to clear territory and punish collaborators in order to strengthen Egyptian sovereignty over territory against Islamic terrorists.
10. #8 what??
Do you mean "donkey shot" or " Don Quixote"? Either works, but they have entirely different meanings....
11. Alan #5....Amen!
Koose E Mack ,   USA   (11.04.14)
I said the same thing as soon as Al Sisi got elected. He has the balls needed to fight Islamo Terrorists and doesn't give a rat's touchas about world opinion! The West needs men like him!
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