Abdullah: We will block 'unilateral' moves by Israel on Jerusalem
Roi Kais
Published: 02.11.14, 14:17
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1. What are you going to do?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.02.14)
Attack Israel? How did go for you the last time? Be very, very careful. You phony country belongs to the Jews according to the Treaty of San Remo. Whatever are you going to do when we decide we want it back?
2. No mere human will do a thing
US citizen ,   US   (11.02.14)
but what the Lord God Almighty permits. Thanks and praise be to you Lord God Almighty.
3. Be glad to send the Mosque and
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (11.02.14)
the blood soaked ground underneath it to Jordan where they can restrict all Jews and all Christians from entering or praying. Jordan's King is a pint sized no balls fool. And.. I mean that in the nicest way ;) MORE BUILDING AND WE NEED THAT THIRD TEMPLE !!!!
4. Delusional pint sized idiot.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (11.02.14)
If he thinks Israel will bow to this jerk, think again, Israel stomped Jordan to a pulp and, if necessary, will do so and worse again, if needed. BUILD THE THIRD TEMPLE AND JORDAN CAN TRUCK THE MOSQUE TO JORDAN.
5. Huh ? ?
Arnold ,   Montreal   (11.02.14)
What a bunch of malarkey! It is only under the control of Jerusalem by Israel that all three religions have been able to thrive. Prior to 1967 Jerusalem was not important as a religious city to the Palestinians. In fact they took it for granted and let it become derelict. Even Christmas and Easter holidays were little seen there.
6. The foreign king of "palestine" has as much jurisdiction
A ,   Belgium   (11.02.14)
over Jerusalem as he does over Shangai or Los Angeles. Maybe he should be more concerned with which color royal underwear he's going to pack when ISIS knocks on his door and he takes off with his family to comfortable exile in England.
7. Half British King of Hejaz
Your EXCELLENCY, Jordan is stolen land from the Jews. The British your cousin have stolen the land and given to your ancestors from Hejaz Saudi Arabia. Why dont you go to BRITAIN with your family, or Saudi Arabia where your ancestor came from. How many times Jerusalem is mentioned in the Quran your EXCELLENCY ? Nonnnnne. Aqsa mosque was built on the Jewish Temple by your brothers the OTTOMAN EMPIRE. Jews lived in Jerusalem well before Mohammad was born and Islam was invented. Allah will curse you & Islam because Islam are going against Allah wishes. Bnei Israil were JEWS not Islam. Judea & Samaria stands for Judah, Judah stands for Jews, and Jews are YAHUD. Arabia for Arabs. No need EINSTEIN calculation. Your EXCELLENCY allah will bless you and your family if you leave Jordan and go to Britain or Hejaz.
8. Hey shorty we may pay you for peace but we don't like you.
Don't push your ,   Luck. America   (11.02.14)
We support Israel in spite of what obummer has done or said. We the people rule America and it's foreign policy.
9. Abdullah
Brod ,   USA   (11.02.14)
Abdullah should mind his own business. He has no business intruding in Israel's internal affairs. He should worry about ISIS invading Jordan rather than preaching to Israel.
10. Abdullah probably worried his wife won't be able to shop
barbara ,   Haifa   (11.02.14)
anymore at Jerusalem Mall.
11. Abudullah only alive due to Israeli fumes...
ISA'83 ,   USA   (11.02.14)
If tomorrow Israel stopped looking out for this little king, he'd be swallowed alive by the Islamists. Everybody knows this.Maybe Hamas SHOULD take over Jordan, then we can finally take the East Bank too.
12. King Abdallah
AL ,   US   (11.02.14)
The king needs to backup his words with actions by listening to his people and terminate Jordan's agreement with these blood thirsty lunatics. There is nothing more dangerous than a criminal with a gun. Israel has ranked in the top 10 most despised nations for a reason. Sooner or later sanctions are coming and then you can eat your guns.
13. To: No. 12
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.02.14)
Yeah, well, the ersatz "palestinians" could have had a state in 1947. They chose to go to war instead. They lost. They tried war on five more occasions -- and lost all five. There are consequences to starting wars -- and losing. Can you spell "Germany?" Can you spell "Japan?" Why should the violent, warmongering Arabs be treated any differently? Moreover, if you read the polls, Israel's popularity with the American people is as high as it has ever been; the popularity of the ersatz "palestinians" has never been lower. I daresay you do not speak for the American people. On Tuesday, we'll find out exactly what the American people think about the current administration's foreign policy. So perhaps you should lay off the bravado until then, sluggo.
14. AS YOUr Dad And Your GradPa
David Fakheri ,   L A USA   (11.02.14)
why he doesn't go deep down to 'where the blood of the martyrs soaks the earth.' and ask 1 by 1 that who was the first which started all the wars and worse than that who joined the other stupid who went to war against Israel to throw the Jews in to the sea and when he got the true answers then start giving lecture in the parliament!. There Would Be The martyrs who will let him know the truth
15. protect Christian sites from Jews?
Abdullah should resign as king and go into stand-up.
16. Israel
DANIEL MOSHE JOHNSON ,   Israel   (11.03.14)
Good day I think Jordan has shown it's true interest in the destruction of Israel with these words by the "king". This wanting to preserve holy sites within someone else's country does make since and it's time for Israel to understand this. The Vatican, largest land owner within Jerusalem has not been so vocal about holy sites, notice, Hussein did not comment about the destruction of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher by the hands of Hamas! To my understanding, this is one of the most holy sites of Christianity, note his silence, for it speaks volumes. Israel needs to take control of that area, level the temple of Omar to the ground and deport all of those deemed as a threat to their established democracy. Hussein is a king, a king who subjects his subjects to non equal status, he Cleary is not a man of biblical chapter, as he has never opened his border to his people in Gaza of the same Hashmite blood.
17. # 15 Actually
Bomb Gaza!   (11.03.14)
Shortie the King should sit down and keep his mouth shut. Little horse fly. KEEP BUILDING !!!!
18. # 12 Muslims are murdering Muslims at an astounding rate
Bomb Gaza!   (11.03.14)
and I have but one word... GOOD !!!! Makes the world a better place. KEEP BUILDING !!!!
19.  15 he wont get laughs there either. Little maggot.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (11.03.14)
Jordan by all rights belongs to Israel. KEEP BUILDING MORE JEWS ARE COMING!!!!
20. # 12 LOL KIng can't swat a fly....
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (11.03.14)
Guns alone doesn't win wars, brains and the grace of G-d do. KEEP BUILDING BABY !!!
21. Israel in danger of messing up its prime strategy
Steve O ,   USA   (11.03.14)
For 60 years, it has been an essential component of Israel national strategy to keep Muslims, and particularly Arab Muslims divided and fighting each other. Hence the three-tier division of Palestinians into the relatively-privileged "house slaves" who have Israeli citizenship, the "field slaves" in the West Bank, and the "slaves on the whipping post" in Gaza. And hence the endless stirring up of conflict between Sunni and Shia, and the support of "friendly" dictators. All to keep Arab Muslims from uniting against Israel all at once. But now the settler nutballs, in their greed, threaten to throw the whole strategy out the window. By attacking the Noble Sanctuary, they threaten to force the Arab Muslims to forget their divisions and fighting and unite. If so, Israel will forced into even more intense isolation that will eventually lead to South Africa apartheid-style isolation. Oh, your control of the US will hold for a while, but even South Africa lost US support and had to yield, even though it was never militarily defeated.
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