Netanyahu, Jordan's king urge calm on Temple Mount
Moran Azulay
Published: 06.11.14, 17:31
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1. Israel should move the Temple Mount mosque to Jordan
Sam ,   PT   (11.06.14)
2. Jews and others: stay off the Temple Mount
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (11.07.14)
Staying off the Temple Mount while establishing jewish ownership and sovereignty of it is not a contradition. Most major rabinic authorities maintain that it is strictly prohibited to ascend to the Temple mount in a state of impurity with heavenly death as the punishment. The location of the Holy areas is unknown since there are three different archeological theories where the Holy of Holies and the 500 by 500 cubit boundaries are within the walled areas. This leads to the irony that "jewish" right to pray at the mount is not jewish in the present times at all. Note that it is the right wing secular jews such as Sharon, etc who are paramount in fighting for this right, while the ultra orthodox are mostly no where to be found up there. The Holy Temple is still in the hands of the jews and should stay that way, however, the way to tell the world is to keep Temple in our hearts, our minds and on our lips, while keeping the halacha (jewish law)
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