Gaza rocket misses Israel, as 'IS-backed' blasts rock Strip
Yoav Zitun
Published: 07.11.14, 10:24
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1. Fatah/Hamas war a huge opportunity for Israel
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.07.14)
Israel has a huge opportunity to do good by "helping" both Fatah and Hamas destroy each other. Think of what Israel could do under cover of these terrorist wars! If only Israel had a P.M. with the wisdom and guts to do so.
2. Hamas blamed? By Whom? We know Israel did this
Onas   (11.07.14)
I have yet to see Fatah accuse Hamas, this was done by Israel to try to cause strife between the two parties.
3. Rebuilding Gaza is a waste of money and effort.
miri ,   israel   (11.07.14)
4. It's not a forgery Abbas. Hamas sees you as a terrorist
no better than them. Now Abbas is getting it for fooling dumb Israelis and dumb ministers like Livni.
5. Spending their building money I see
roxanne ,   haifa   (11.07.14)
how will the EU commissioner blame Israel? can't wait to see how she twists this into some BS
6. Hamas urges PM to visit Gaza despite bomb blasts
Jerry ,   Sweden   (11.07.14)
You can to see it on maan news Onas "The Hamas leaders comments came immediately after the Palestinian Authority said that the ministers' trip to Gaza had been postponed indefinitely following the strikes, which hit nearly a dozen homes and cars affiliated with top Fatah leaders in the Gaza Strip, as well as a platform that had been set up for a Fatah anniversary commemoration of the death of Yasser Arafat.".
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