From Berlin to Palestine: Palestinian activists blast hole in separation fence
Published: 08.11.14, 21:39
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1. doesn't look like 'the wall'
uli ,   jerusalem   (11.08.14)
just another bit of arab-muslim propaganda
2. Good
Non Jewish Immigrant ,   Haifa   (11.08.14)
Divided we fall United we stand
3. It's a big difference.
Beary White ,   Norway   (11.08.14)
.. to draw parallels from the Berlin Wall. The fence in Israel is just a defence from the evil Islamic terrorists. Remember hundreds of Israelis were killed by the terrorists from the cult of islam. In the years after the fence was raised, the numbers of terror-attack are next to none. Even Egypt has started to fortify their border to stop the Islamic terrorists-outspring from the PA-ruled area..
4. that is not the wall
Deborah ,   Jerusalem   (11.08.14)
Cover their faces, put woman and children as shields where they fire missiles. Cowards
5. Same people on two sides of the Berlin Walls
DOV ,   USA   (11.08.14)
6. where is this 'wall'?
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (11.09.14)
I live in Jerusalem and have seem the wall many times. It does not look like this. Where is this supposed to be? Note also that the photographer was on the other side at times.
7. Put the morons behind jail walls !!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.09.14)
8. That is not the separation barrier, and the photo is silly
Berel Dov Lerner ,   Israel   (11.09.14)
Most of the barrier is fences, the parts that are like a wall are made of big slabs of cement, not bricks.
9. Too bad an IDF machinegun wasn't waiting to greet them.
A ,   Belgium   (11.09.14)
10. Shoot the little shits!
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (11.09.14)
And... KEEP BUILDING !! !!!
11. 2 guys installing new picture window.
Steve   (11.09.14)
Agreed, it looks like a sandstone perimeter wall from a development. Also I did not see any blast, just a couple of goons with an ax and a sledgehammer. A cheap Pallywood production, needs more action and ambulances.
12. Security barrier built to keep out Arab suicide bombers!
bob k ,   orlando fl usa   (11.09.14)
Ynet reports that the security barrier was built in response to "terror" yes but the report omits that it was mostly a suicide-bombing terror war launched in late 2000 by Arafat and hamas that claimed the lives of hundreds of Israelis. Since the barrier was erected (it is still incomplete) many hundreds of Israeli lives have been saved.
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