Arab sector strikes; police brace for more violence
Ynet reporters, AP
Published: 09.11.14, 08:47
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1. Shot a rabid dog ,...
split ,   US   (11.09.14)
Obviously a murder ,... At any point they're in danger in the car ... shooting in the back running away suspect ... tampering with evidence (destroying) enough to qualify for premeditated man slaughter for civilian assilent not to mention a trained cop ,... Palestinian life has no value in Jewish mindset ,... Lack of any human impulses exposes the darkest side of zionism ,...
2. Question ,...
split ,   US   (11.09.14)
Anyone wonders why all those radical Muslim groups are born, multiplying in M. East and spreading to countries that collaborate and arm the zionist regime or in other cases turn their a blind eye and trade despite their conduct? ,... I don't ,...
3. Muslim are free to walk all over as are Jews.
Rachel ,   Home   (11.09.14)
Problem is Muslims are also free to go to Jewish religious sites. At the Kotel on the women's side I am surrounded by all types of prayer. And yet I cannot pray on the Temple Mount as a Jew. If fact I am under strict surveillance so I don't move my lips in prayer. What's the deal?
Joe ,   West Bank   (11.09.14)
On one side we have as weapons slingshots, rocks, molotov cocktails,fueled by rage.Opposing them are tear gas, stun guns, water hoses, and an array of lethal weapons, encouraged by the vocal support of MK'S and ministers in government. Riots will be suppressed once again with an asymmetric number of casualties on the Palestinian side. Temporarily, law and order will prevail, but the rage that prompted the riots will have increased exponentially awaiting the next spark.
5. Shoot to kill.
Susan ,   Kfar Saba   (11.09.14)
I think if the cops shot about 15-20 of the more serious rioters that would end it. They did it in the beginning of the second intifada. Although the "Israeli" Arabs complained for years afterwards and went to court as they should, they were calm for a long time.
6. peaceful solution
Many politicians and Ynet journalists have advocated surrender of Israeli and Jewish interests in Jerusalem in the face of Arab demands because Israel cannot suppress the riots, and the riots prove coexistence is impossible. To prove that such surrender is a good idea and will lead to peace, prosperity and security, Israel must immediately implement Lieberman's plan: all isolated Arab population centers must immediately become Area A under full PLO control: goodbye Bartaa, Iron Valley, Taybe, Tirah and Kalansewah. To be fair, first have a referendum. If most Arab residents want freedom from the Jewish oppression, give it to them: no bituach leumi, no immigration into what is left of Israel, no work permits. On the other hand, if the Leftist pundits and Arab politicians are wrong and most Arab citizens want to remain part of Israel, send in Kfir and Golani to evict the trouble makers to PLO heaven.
7. The time has come...
Beary White ,   Norway   (11.09.14)
.. to start deporting masked rioters to the strip... Start with the most violentic and eventually the rioters will understand how life is at the strip..
8.  police brace for more violence
mark ,   uk   (11.09.14)
throw nets on these animal rioters or spray them with coloured water or both this way no shooting no killing maybe a this will be a good compromise wonder why it not done
9. 1. Shot a rabid dog ,...
A ,   Belgium   (11.09.14)
At least you got that part right, Polakniak, the rest of the post is just your usual mental flatulance. You claim to be an American (which you obviously aren't), take a knife and wave it in a policeman's, or policewoman's face in any city in America and I guarantee YOU will be shot dead like a rabid dog faster than you can even say curva.
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