Soldier hurt Tel Aviv stabbing attack succumbs to wounds
Shahar Hay
Published: 10.11.14, 23:16
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1. Arabs
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.10.14)
Get them out of Israel, out of Judea and Samaria. They have ruined our lives long enough; they have made us turn away from Jewish principles merely in order to survive. They are a cancer in our midst, and they must be excised. There are twenty-one Arab states; there is but one Jewish state. The Arabs that infest the Jewish state with their violence and cold-blooded murderous behavior must go. There is no alternative.
2. May his memory be for a blessing
Russell ,   Miami   (11.10.14)
3. "Acted alone..."
David ,   Hartford USA   (11.10.14)
This is the biggest crock of dogsh-t I've ever heard. Of course these jihadist terrorists are talking to each other. Do you really think this intifada is just lone crackpots? ARE YOU SERIOUS? And then the mother of the murderer always says, "But he was such a good boy, he'd never hurt anyone." Then Abbas will praise the murderer and his family! Time for BIBI to announce that all terrorists will face life in prison in solitary confinement, and that all terrorists convicted of murder will be executed within 48 hours. If Bibi won't put a stop to these organized killings, then Israelis MUST be permitted to carry concealed weapons. Cops are never around when these things happen- so Israelis need to be armed. Nobody is 'acting alone.' Abbas is inciting them and imams in every mosque are inciting them. Children's TV is inciting them. The PA is a terrorist organization and needs to be removed. Bibi must allow the army carte blanche to protect the people. Get armed (pistols) plain-clothes soldiers to stay at these bus stops and put an end to these murders. It shouldn't be hard at all to get some decoys and trap these Muslim psychopaths. And please, take no prisoners.
4. bloody muslims ! we should transfer to mecca
all of them !
5. Any MK talking about peace with Arabs should be ousted
from the government. Livni should be thrown out immediately.
6. Kahana Tzadak!
Yosef ,   Portugal   (11.10.14)
Today makes 24 years that Rabbi Meir Kahana was assassinated, but he continues to be right. Kahana Tzadak!
7. no other solution
Jorge ,   brazil   (11.10.14)
So what are you waiting for? Separate arabs and jews right now!!
8. Totally agree with #1
Beary White ,   Norway   (11.10.14)
these arab criminals do not know the forces they will be unleashing against them. BUILD ISRAEL BUILD!
10. this is a tragedy, but we have only ourselves to blame
Jason Friedman ,   San Francisco, CA   (11.10.14)
This is a tragic death. However, we should remember that Israel is terrorizing the Palestinian population as well. Violence breeds violence.
11. Tel Aviv Gush Etzion united forever
CJK   (11.10.14)
the muslim terrorists will kill jews whether in tel aviv, gush etzion, jerusalem, sderot, the galil or the diaspora. the issue is not land since muslims were murdering jews even before the declaration of independence. the issue is muslim intolerance for all who are not muslims. it is for this reason that the palestinian arabs had rejected all compromise with the jewish state and will continue to do so. it is much more in the nature of the arab muslims to wield a knife and murder than to compromise. this culture based on false notions of "humiliation," "honour" and centuries of blood feuds will not reach an accommodation with the jewish state of israel anytime soon. all israel can do is ignore the pressure from the west and in particular from the obama regime and protect her citizens by all means necessary. netanyahu's appeasement of obama has only led to ugly mockery and an impending deal with iran's shia terror regime. this turn of events should have been foreseeable and acted upon. unfortunately, obama's skill at psychological warfare was ignored and not countered. netanyahu should realize that there is a high likelihood that obama will recognize an arab palestinian state, that he will sign a capitulation deal with iran and open diplomatic relations with that terror state. there is nothing that netanyahu can do about obama but he definitely can do much more to protect the people of israel.
12. Conceal Carry. Conceal Carry. Conceal Carry.
ASTRONAUT ,   USA   (11.10.14)
What gives, Israel???? Every law-abiding JEWISH Israeli should be petitioning the courts and the gov for CONCEAL CARRY PERMITS; to exercise his/her RIGHT TO DEFEND THEIR LIVES.
13. Prayers for terrorist victims
Gary ,   Susanville, USA   (11.10.14)
I lift Israel up to HaShem in prayer. We in America are only beginning to experience the threat you face daily. Islamic terrorists must be stopped and recognized as the threat is is against all of HaShem's people worldwide. Islam hates all the children of Abraham, Yitzchak and Yacob worldwide.
14. Foolishness
Curtis ,   USA   (11.10.14)
Israel is foolish to tolerate such nonsense.
15. Over reacting
Israel ,   Texas USA   (11.10.14)
A few days ago everybody was going nuts because of the policeman that killed another knife yielding Palestinian trying to attack them because he was backing out and maybe was not going to try to launch and try to kill him. Now today we can sea what this Knife yielding Palestinians only intension is, to kill.
16. “Arabs"
Mark ,   Simi Valley, CA, USA   (11.11.14)
Though the UN counts 22 nations in its membership that consider themselves to be “Arab” countries, the actual number of Arab countries has been given as 21, 22 or 23. I don’t know. Sara B. calls the Arabs “a cancer in our midst, and must be excised.” That is exactly what THEY say about US. The Arabs consider JEWS and ISRAEL to be a “cancer” in THEIR “midst”, a cancer in the Arab “body”, and WE must be “excised”. I don’t know what the solution is. What the solution is NOT is negotiation and prisoner releases (when Israel releases convicted terrorists back out onto the streets so they can do more terrorism and kill more Israelis).
17. First Aid at Central Bus Station
UR   (11.11.14)
WHY DID IT TAKE A LONG TIME FOR AMBULANCE TO COME? How can it be that the poor girlfriend gets there quicker than MADA? There should be first aid at the central bus station, surely? A place where crowds can be guaranteed to gather all day every day. Come on. He lost a lot of blood just waiting for help. Perhaps he couldn't have been saved, i don't know. But there seems something wrong here with the first aid response. Also, did i read somewhere that he went first to Ichilov and then was transferred later to Tel Hashomer. If so, why? Is Ichilov not the best there is for this kind of thing?
Tim ,   Brighton   (11.11.14)
You only see a GLIMPSE of the turmoil and bewilderment in the Israeli Arab Community because the mood music WE SEE RIGHT FROM THE VERY GRASS ROOTS is pure white rage at the likes of Zoabi who are trying to trying to stir up DIVISION, set back Israel Arab Community relations and undermine Israeli Arab progress and prosperity for HER OWN SELFISH aggrandisement When Zoabi just a few weeks ago CALLED ON ALL YOUNG Israeli Arabs to speak only Arabic- when asked by anxious parents what these kids would do about getting jobs speaking only Arabic the answer was stark...SILENCE And her continued ostracisation, threats and taunts at any young Israeli Arabs wanting to do National Service is SHOCKING And when the violence gets out of hand, people die, get hurt and injured.....Zoabi throughout this episode - just gets out of the way...Is it her conscience or is it her callous deceit Well...the SILENT MAJORITY of the Israeli Arab Community are not going to be silent for much longer As one old established family said 'We will mobilise and make our own voice heard...We live in Israel, we are Israeli, we are Arab, we are democratic, we are PROUD and PATRIOTIC and THESE ARE VALUES we will protect as CITIZENS OF ISRAEL and we don't care WHO KNOWS it'
19. To No.1.
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (11.11.14)
Stop for a moment and think. These bloody murders are shocking, but hardly surprising. The real surprise is that haven't happened much earlier. However, the Arabs have not 'made us turn away from Jewish values in order to survive'. If you have turned away from Jewish values that is entirely your choice. Only chidren and the incapacitated are made to do anything. You are an adult - a moral being. You are responsible for your actions, just as Arabs or anyone else are responsible for theirs. Yes, you can throw the Arabs as far as you are able. Won't solve your underlying problem of fear - there will always be somebody else - the 'leftists', the 'seculars', gays, lesbians.........etc.
20. We are against the killing of Israeli Arabs in Jerusalem and
SAEED NAZARETH   (11.11.14)
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.11.14)
at #1
22. Study before you make such a statement
You are wrong 100%
23. one-way terror
Wade ,   NYC USA   (11.11.14)
Israel is not terrorizing Palestinians. In your zeal to be "even-handed" you make a big mistake. Israel is defending Jewish lives while the terrorists are bent on killing and mayhem. Terrorists deserve elimination. Jews deserve to survive.
24. To: Mark at No. 16
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.11.14)
The Arabs have started -- and lost -- six wars trying to "excise" the Jews. They are a vanquished people. It is ridiculous to even entertain the notion that one rewards a vanquished and belligerent people with a state. What's next? Shall we compel the Poles to return East Prussia and the Polish Corridor to Germany? Massive population transfers and part and parcel of war. The Arabs were the aggressors in all six of Israel's wars. It is time to treat them like what they are -- a conquered, vanquished people.
25. 19
Birdi ,   Israel   (11.12.14)
The leftists, seculars, gays & lesbians, are not murdering us for the land they want but never owned. I suggest you check out all the murders of Israeli citizens by Palestinian terrorists since the State of Israel came into existence.
26. #1 Arabs
"They have ruined our lives long enough" No, not yet. You still haven't learned.
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