'100,000 Turkish tourists to visit Jerusalem in 2015'
Danny Sadeh
Published: 12.11.14, 00:05
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1. We already have enough turkeys here..
Bandoo ,   Il.   (11.12.14)
2. 2015
jochair ,   kfar saba Israel   (11.12.14)
2015 is already the year of the Armenians
3. More like go to al aqsa
erdogan ,   corruptwalletnsoul,   (11.12.14)
4. will they come over in ships?
5. Stop the Turks by any and all means! Trouble Makers!
Son of Cyrus ,   UK   (11.12.14)
6. Security: check + double check each visitor
barbara ,   Haifa   (11.12.14)
Never know if one of them might be a terrorist entering Israel for attacks.
7. Nope, we don't.
Onas   (11.12.14)
Dream on. Last thing we want is making tourism money for Israeli criminals.
8. And all of them flying in on Turkish airlines
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (11.13.14)
El Al doesn't fly to or from Turkey because the Turks won't authorize Israeli security protocols. And Israel foolishly allows Turkey the full run of its skies. Israel could have shut Turkey out of the Israeli market in retaliation, but folks in Israel bend over backward to appease the Turks, in the futile attempt to revive the relations of old.
9. el al prices vs other airlines
rolf ,   amsterdam   (11.13.14)
el al tickets are just too expensive. that is why, for example turkish and easyjet, are such competitive alternatives for flights to and from israel. i rather fly el al but certainly not at their prices and especially their "bonus" prices during the jewish holidays! those rates are absolutely outragious and prohibitive!
10. stop the turks?   (11.13.14)
cyrus, your remark is childish and couter productive. the more foreigners including turks get to know israel, the better this is for mutual understanding. stop the primitive way of fanatic arguing. grow up!
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