Mosque set ablaze in West Bank; synagogue attacked
Elior Levy
Published: 12.11.14, 08:38
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1. two facts
This report reports two similar items in a strange way. A Jewish synagogue was attacked in Shfaram, an Arab populated village and site of riots by ISIS-inspired Arab youth. There is almost no doubt that the attacker was an Arab extremist. A Muslim mosque was attacked in the Arab populated Al-Mughayir. Arab extremists blame Jews. Considering the village's location and the Arab rioting, it is highly unlikely that any Jew would be suicidal enough to enter that village to attack the mosque. Considering that in most attacks on mosques in Israel the perpetrator is not caught, and in 100% of the cases where the perpetrator was caught he was a Muslim, it is safe to say that both attacks were carried out by an Arab element interested in inspiring more violence and riots (probably Fatah).
2. How perfectly awful!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.12.14)
A mosque burned to the ground, and it wasn't "Al Aqsa." We really must strive for perfection.
3. Sorry, quick question
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.12.14)
Cases of Arabs destroying their olive groves, defacing their cemeteries and fouling their own mosques are legion. Odds are, Moslems burnt down their own mosque in order to cast aspersions against the Jews. History speaks well to this. On the other hand, there are no Jews who would firebomb a synagogue. Can we find the Arab arsonists, and indict them? Please?
4. fire bomb mosque and schul???
Jewbie ,   America is beautiful   (11.12.14)
sounds like the usual 3rd party (IRAN, HEZ, Hamass) is burning candles at both ends... From the ISIS/HAMASS/HEZ/IRAN /moslem brotherhood, "How-to-do-it to hurt Jewz" manual, "BURN A SCHUL AND A MOSQUE at the same time" then let them go at each others throats...
5. Al-Maghir has a long history of violence against Jews
Local JewishResident ,   Israel   (11.12.14)
With Molotov cocktails and rocks, placing gas balloons on the road, and numerous shooting incidents, including the murders of Shuli Har-Melech and Gideon Lichterman. And they uproot trees belonging to Jews who live nearby. I have no idea who burned the mosque, but I personally shed no tears for them. They choose violence. They pay for it.
6. As they say:one mosque at a time...
7. Abbas Miscalculations WILL Backfire
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (11.12.14)
He thinks its CLEVER - Inciting, inflaming and allowing these senseless youths to RUN RIOT? Doesn't he realise that whilst his attention is given to destabilising the area, meanwhile his young thugs are just as likely to cause chaos WITHIN the Palestinian Community in the West Bank if he allows them to get out of control Yesterday we came across a sinister Social Media message from Nablus... 'Here Hamas are in the driving seat again' Wakey wake Abbas Time to wake up from your Beauty Sleep Theres TROUBLE BREWING right outside your door
8. 7 Sammy
CJK   (11.12.14)
if abbas were able to think rationally, he would not be abbas.
9. Sarah If you have nothing to say of practical significance,
exUK ,   TEL AVIV   (11.12.14)
may I suggest that you keep your nasty comments to yourself.There are good and bad Arabs and good and bad Jews.Do not parade your extremism in these talkbacks.The whole world will read them and wrongly deduce that you speak for all Israelis and Jews,which is not the case.We need to calm the situation,not further inflame it dont you think?
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