Turkey to Israel: Stop attacks on Jerusalem
Published: 12.11.14, 08:31
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1. and we care?
Turkey is a country actively supporting ISIS in its genocide of the Kurds. The only shame is that Israel is not attacking strategic targets in Turkey to weaken ISIS and to help Cyprus, Greek and the Kurds gain justice.
2. Amazing, isn't it?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.12.14)
This "holy," "revered" ugly blue eyesore all of a sudden becomes important. Well, it was ignored for a whole bunch of centuries. In fact, it was derelict, broken-down, and completely ignored .... until Israel reunited Jerusalem in 1967. Well, folks, here's a bit of truth. That ugly blue eyesore was falling down and completely derelict until Israel spent millions in order to get it back into shape. But now that it is under Israeli jurisdiction, it takes on an importance it never had prior to June 1967. If that hideous thing is all that important to Moslems (all of a sudden), here's a suggestion: Dismantle it, and rebuild it in Mecca. That way, worshipers can both revere a piece of a meteorite and visit an ugly blue building all at once. Makes perfect sense to me.
3. Oh, that is rich!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.12.14)
"Turkey will be 'the loudest voice against the Israeli soldiers who tarnished the al-Aqsa Mosque.'" So THAT's the chicken squawking I heard .... Remember the beat-down Israel handed Turkey on the MAVI MARMARA? Does Turkey really need additional humiliation at the hands of the Jewish State? Okay. Bring it on.
4. Islamist Turkey must mind its own business
C   (11.12.14)
jerusalem does not belong to the turks. jerusalem belongs to the sovereign jewish state of israel. the ottoman empire was defeated by the allies in wwi. erdogan should not forget that.
5. Turkey : Stop attacks on Jerusalem
jon ,   uk   (11.12.14)
these words will start to be used and as time goes on the world will get used to it as if Jerusalem don't belong to Israel as it happened with the word occupation which is used now Turkey don't mention the Palestinians just look at the pictures who are the attackers and the rioters
6. A putrid cloud of verbal flatulance wafting over the
A ,   Belgium   (11.12.14)
Middle East from Istanbul, just in time to honor John Kerry on another of his useless, nonproductive visits.
7. Funny
Mark ,   GB   (11.12.14)
I am rolling over with laughter who is getting the blame?
8. Did Obama Ask Turkey to speak up?
Jeff ,   TLV   (11.12.14)
Given Erdogan and Obama speak, one must wonder, is this another one of Obamas messengers right now?
9. All of Erdogan's intentions are
joyce fraser ,   USA   (11.12.14)
to harm, to weaken, and to cause Israel as much trouble as he can. Erdogan and his henchmen are nothing but deadly enemies of The Democratic Jewish State of Israel!
10. Turkish Push To Harm Israel
joyce fraser ,   USA   (11.12.14)
It must be faced with no illusions: Erdogan has made certain, that 'his perverted version' of Turkey, is an enemy of civilized, socially-advanced, democratic, Israel.
11. Message to Turkey: Stop attacks on Ankara and...
Truth Hertz ,   UK   (11.12.14)
Give it back to the Kurdish people whose territory it really is AND, whilst we are on the subject, you can give Constantinople back to the christians.
12. Racist Anton's brothers attacked 2 Americans in Istanbul
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (11.13.14)
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