Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
Welcome to the global intifada
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 13.11.14, 00:28
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1. True but it's Israel's fault
Dan   (11.13.14)
Israel handed its enemies around the world their greatest weapon, and moved many people from 'friend' to 'enemy', when it decided it preferred settlements to peace. This can still be undone: abandon the mad settlers, dump the mad politicians who support them, and make a serious peace offer. When the Arabs refuse it (as usual), no one will be confused whose fault it is. Otherwise, goodbye, my country, you are too stupid to survive.
2. We claim the Temple Mount because it is ours
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.13.14)
Claiming our Temple Mount is wise and courageous. The author is foolish.
3. Ottawa, New York, London and Paris
Nadya ,   NYC   (11.13.14)
Yes, we have suffered terror attacks in these cities you mention. Yet, you didn't see any of the governments demolishing the neighborhoods they came from, or demolishing their homes. You also didn't mention Ukraine. Why? Is it because they are not muslim and don't fit your theories? Just like Ukraine has nothing to do with ISIS, Palestinians have nothing to do with ISIS either. Palestinians are fighting OCCUPATION. Why don't we switch the circumstances of Jews and Palestinians and see if Jews don't do much much worse violence than what Palestinians have done so far. So you can whine day and night as long as you want, but you will NEVER succeed putting Palestinians in the same group as ISIS. If we must group them, we will have to put them with Taliban, a nationalistic movement.
4. The Death of Islam
Raymond Jones ,   America   (11.13.14)
In the HOLY BIBLE in the Book of Revelation there will be an army of 200 million soldiers from the Far East, they will destroy 2 thirds of mankind. Even before this happens, millions of jihadist will die on the Mountains of Israel in the HOLY BIBLE the Book of Joel and the Book of Ezekiel 38 and 39. The Quran does not tell the future of it's people and the destruction of their religion. Islam deny that JESUS is not only GOD'S SON but that JESUS is GOD incarnated from SPIRIT to FLESH. Before Creation was completed GOD said [ LET US ] MAKE MAN, All things were made by THEM and made by HIM [ JESUS] Mohammad will be Judged by Jesus Christ, his MAKER. The question now is this, how will the Middle East rebuild itself, just about everything is blown up and the land is poisoned with radiation, how will the people grow food or find drinking water. How can Islam make peace with Israel when they can't make peace with their on people. Millions of Muslims have fallen prey to Jihad, men, women and children alike. 1,414 years since Mohammad and what have been accomplished, NOTHING. All this killing behind an ideal and in the end death will come to all who rise up against ISRAEL. GOD said so
5. # 3 Common lies
Moshe ,   Israel   (11.13.14)
The Pals don't fight "occupation", but Israel's existence. If you were a honest person, you would recall that your buddies had fought Israel also before the "occupation" of 1967, and the articles in PLO charter which call for Israel's annihilation have not been changed. Concerning the "awful" houses demolitions of Palestinian murderers, let me remind you that in US, the country you reside, in 38 states, out of 50, there is exercised the capital punishment. In Israel by contrast, even for the most savage murders, no one Palestinian terrorist has been executed.
6. 3
and which occupation did the arabs or palestinians fight before 1967 when both gaza and west bank were owned by egypt and jordan???? and still there were so many terrorist attacks against jews in israel from gaza and the west bank and so many dead jews by muslims in those two areas. if they were not occupied before 1967, then why did they continue to terrorize and kill jews in israel, you moron????? also, why did they not terrorize egypt and jordan and never demanded a palestinian state from egypt and jordan from 1948-1967??????? can you explain the above???????
7. (3) Nadya from NYC
tiki ,   belgium   (11.13.14)
Don't compare "Palestinians" with IS, but with Taliban! The crack is still working I see! About 'governments who don't demolishing Muslim neighbourhoods....they don't need to for they do that all by themselves + those governments don't let Muslims build illegal houses.......Israel does!
8. to Nadia
Yaffa ,   Haifa Israel   (11.13.14)
I would like to remind you that the real occupiers are the Arabs. The area of so called Palestine, and formerly Palestina, was very little populated, there where Arabs and Jews and other nations as well. In the year 1865, the Ottoman (Turkish) ruler of the area made a census in order to count the population of the area. After examining the results of that census he found out that the vast majority where Jews, so he decided to 'import' Muslims from all around his Empire. At first there was very little of jobs for those new comers, but as more Jews from the diaspora came to settle the land the numbers of Muslims has also increased. Soon after the arrival of Muslims they are became restlessness. Every now and then, the Muslims started attacks on Jews. To mention a few: in Hebron in the year of 1929 an Arab mob, incited by their Imam, aroused with anger on their Jewish neighbors and slaughtered most of them in a very barbaric way. They were cutting organs when captured a Jew, no matter what Gender or age. In Gaza, yes Gaza, Jews used to live many centuries, at WWI the Turks have deported them, but some have returned after the war was over. I could tell you more, but instead I would like to refer you to the next link:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Yishuv. After the Independence war of 1948, the Jordanians have occupied East Jerusalem and annexed it to Jordan. But, that was not all… In the Mount of Olives there was a Jewish cemetery, which used to have untouched tombstones. Much soon after that occupation, the Jordanians removed many of those tombstones to use them as bricks for the public toilettes, and for hotels around that. How do we know, they did not bother to remove the caption on those tombstones. When the Israelis liberated it in 1967, the rule of the mount of Temple was passed to the chief Rabbinate of Israel, but soon after, by a fatal decision, the defense minister Moshe Dayan handed it to the Muslim the Moslem Temple treasury. A very bad move, that made us all pay for it till these very days. And ever since then, any concession made by the Israelis, was replied by a Muslim terror. The fact that in Ukraine the Russians are the aggressors, does not change the fact that there is a global Intifada.
9. #1
Dan ,   USA   (11.13.14)
Unfortunately, you are the stupid one. We have folliwed your twisted logic twice and we saw the results- left south Lebanon , got hizzbllla. Left gaza, got Hamas and tens of thousands of missiles. Obviously, you are WRONG. Solution: annex Judaea ans Samaria, expell all mooslims that are not law abiding to the made up country Jordan . Respond with swift force to any attack on our country. Then, and only the , we will have peace and quiet.
10. Islam in Academe
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (11.14.14)
A study years back of Middle Eastern Studies departments in top American research universities found that only two did not receive Arab financing -- Johns Hopkins and Princeton. The situation in the UK is similar. The knock on effect is that Arabists dominate the departments and publications.
11. 200 million?
Smith ,   London   (11.13.14)
Given when the Book of Revelation was written (150-300 AD) the idea of 100 million had not even be invented yet. I'd check your copy to make sure it hasn't been written in crayon
12. Response to Nadya (comment 3)
Maor ,   Tel Aviv   (11.13.14)
Nadya, if the Palestinians are fighting solely against the occupation, why were they fighting Israel even before the occupation started in 1967? The PLO was established in 1964 and many terror attacks against Israel came from the west bank and Gaza even prior to the 1967 war. Moreover, why did the Palestinian leaders reject numerous plans to end the occupation made by former Israeli governments? The worst rejection being the one in 2000, after PM Barak suggested about 97% of the land back (and mutual land exchange for the rest) and in response we got the 2nd intifada that resulted in the death of thousands?
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