Israel denies entry to members of UN inquiry into alleged war crimes in Gaza
Itamar Eichner
Published: 12.11.14, 21:05
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1. Confirmation of guilty as charged ,...
split ,   US   (11.12.14)
2. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.12.14)
Of course Hamas is guilty of war crimes (firing missiles and mortars deliberately targeting civilian population centers is a war crime). Hamas is also guilty of crimes against humanity, for encouraging civilians to take shelter in United Nations schools which they were using to stockpile weapons and from which to fire missiles at Israel. You see, storing weapons and firing them from a school automatically turns that school into a legitimate military target. And since the UNRWA runs those schools, and since the UNRWA is a United Nations agency, the United Nations needs to first investigate itself for war crimes and criminal culpability in the active undertaking of war crimes against the Jewish people. The sovereign State of Israel has an affirmative duty to protect and defend its citizens. That duty does not extend to civilians in Gaza -- they are Hamas' problem. So, first investigate Hamas, the United Nations and the UNRWA for war crimes. Much fodder there.
3. 1
yonatan Allon ,   adelaide/Israel   (11.13.14)
For once you are telling the truth.Hamas is guilty of unspeakable war crimes-but you know that already.Well said Wes.
4. Questions.
Jerusalem   (11.13.14)
How much more does an inquiry have to find out that isn't public record that really makes a difference? Where were these UN commission members when rockets started flying into Israel? Has the UN commission concluded definitively that any Palestinians could be charged with war crimes or is ten years not enough time while hate is being taught in Gaza UN sponsored schools? Wikipedia is an excellent source of information.
5. Even the f.nazis permitted red cross to visit Theresienstadt
Albrecht ,   EU   (11.13.14)
the front line and many POW camps.
6. Nuthinyahhoo
Damion ,   West Palm Beach   (11.13.14)
This is another stupid decision by Netanyahu, and it will backfire severely hurting Israel.
7. Amazing
Hakim ,   Palestine   (11.13.14)
You do not have to be the UN to know Israel murdered women and babies by design along with their other atrocities. Nutinyahoo and his henchmen should be swinging from a tree by their necks.
8. And the world wonders
Anne ,   Germany   (11.13.14)
And the world wonders why we have issues in the Middle East. Bullies in Israel cause this mess by doing what the UN is seeing happen! SMH
9. SarahB hits it!
James ,   Seattle, WA   (11.13.14)
For the first time since I've started viewing this site for part of my daily world propaganda, team SarahB has finally started to make a valid point. The real issue is that it's becoming very obvious that bombs don't work. The question is when will anyone agree with another solution?
10. i too will hold my opinion till later. but for now i will
ralph   (11.13.14)
say he is an anti-semitic bastard. no doubt syphilitic brain. but i'll hold my opinion until later. trust me. what kind of fool is he or think we are. typical intellectual. gives the word intellectual a bad odor.
11. Many U.S. Republicans want to cut U.N. funding
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.13.14)
The U.N. is a huge scourge and the world would be far better off without it. IT demonizes Jews and Israel. It spends billions of Western dollars on pseudo scientific hoaxes designed to increase its power. It fosters "Palestinian" terror. It seeks to rule the world. Many U.S. Republicans want to drastically cut U.N. funding. This is a big step in the right direction.
12. To: No.1
Antonio ,   Spain   (11.13.14)
Who ever thought that Israel was going to ever comply with any investigation? Israel is above ALL LAWS and NORMS,thats why they never have to comply with UN resolution in which they are in total violation of 158 since last count.Israel is the Worlds Biggest international outlaw state ,that has never had to account for their criminal activity and aggression against the Palaestinians,they never even had to account for deliberately bombing our ship, the USS liberty,and killing our own Sailors back in 1967,while trying to sink the whole ship,and our spineless ploticians insteading of returning the favor,apologized for being in their line of fire and gave Israel even more millions$$$$$$$$$$$. Perpetual Targeted Killing,Land confiscation and land theft,back in the 70's when they banned Palestinian flag, and made it a crime to fly or display any Palestinian flag .Building Apartheid walls,illegal settlement and more attorcities, Israel is above ALL man made law's so NO ONE in their right mind shoud except Israel to EVER having to be held to account for their latest attempted Genocide.And they are backed 100% by the US who, has become Spiritually and morally Bankrupt over the years
13. Well Well
Slick Rick ,   Memphis   (11.13.14)
Well, Has Israel EVER been open to anothers investigation OTHER than Israels? How many times have we heard Israels side of the story only to find evidence to the contrary? Israels side of the story is all they let anyone hear.
14. judging Israel
simon ,   kfar saba, Israel   (11.13.14)
why not cast war crimes on gaza? on abbas? I suppose UN sees it to be fine to stab and murder Jews, throw rocks and firecrackers at Jews-of course the UN sees no reason to fund Jews for rebuilding and compensating monetarily Jews who have lost limbs, lives, businesses due to terror.
15. No foreign comissions ever in our Sovereign country!
16. Why Not. - biased chair, & Hamas committed all war crimes
commission closed.
17. 3 Keep on swallowing the bs Israeli Kool Aid
lydia ,   Brisbane   (11.13.14)
Civilized society has given up on the putrid taste and faced reality. HAMAS/ Palestinians are the victims whose only crime is defending themselves against Israel brutality and criminality
18. Video
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (11.13.14)
So they can talk to Egypt for entry or base everything on what they saw on TV. Stonewalling like Nixon will not mitigate anything.
19. The right thing to do
Sidney ,   USA   (11.13.14)
Don't cringe before these anti-Semites, tell them off. They will do the same thing anyway.
20. Sarah B.
Cynthia Ann ,   Bible Belt   (11.13.14)
The rest of the world must be really stupid when it comes to appears israel is the only one who can claim they can kill innocent people, steal their land, and continue to create chaos in the world....then claim anti-israeli bias if you disagree.
21. Some of the...
David ,   U.K   (11.13.14)
Some of the top natsies also refused to cooperate with the Nuremburg war crimes tribunal so we can hardly expect the regime in Israel to cooperate with the UN war crimes investigation.
22. liberal yediot ahronet
ethel ,   ny us   (11.13.14)
This liberal paper continues to omit pro Israel comments
23. Schabas Commision..As much legitimacy as
Tim ,   Brighton   (11.13.14)
A Con Man in a Bank With Innate and Built In - Unfair, Inaccurate, Distorted even Racist Anti Israel Bias and Hostility seared into their history, their rhetoric, their actions, their framework, their very is the disbandment of this incompetent, worthless and incapable so called Organisation that is well overdue
24. The simplest and smartest decision.
Jay Abouaf ,   Jaffa Israel   (11.13.14)
25. Bigot Polak SPIT never changes, no sir.....
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (11.13.14)
26. To No.2
Al ,   US   (11.13.14)
Of course Israel is guilty of war crimes (deliberately targeting civilian population centers murdering 2000 women and children in a racist and total disregard to Palestinian lives is a war crime). Israel is also guilty of crimes against humanity, for using Palestinian children as a human shields and savagely bombing United Nations schools sheltering civilians who were able to escape before Israel destroyed their homes for the purpose of extracting heavy price from the civilian population. You see, targeting civilians and mass destruction of civilian neighborhoods is an Israeli tactic that has been used to kill civilians, destroy properties and create fear among the civilian population in order to drive them out of their homes and continue the ethnic cleansing started back in 1947 and continues to this day. Seventy percent of the resident of Gaza are refugees driven out of their home from today's southern Israel. How else do you think Israel became a Jewish majority. Zionists are great propagandist, they believe if they repeat their lies long enough people will believe it. Only a US Veto (no longer guaranteed) will stop the UNSC from imposing crippling sanctions on Israel and drag its leaders to the Hague. How else would you explain Israel fear of any credible investigation.
27. No.1 who cares what u think?
MEA   (11.13.14)
28. #7 Save it for the UN saps
Benji ,   US   (11.13.14)
The US needs to investigate and cut funding to this UN enabler of terror. They were caught with their pants down allowing terrorists to launch terror attacks from UN run facilities in Gaza. How is it the UN condemns ISIS while allowing Hamas, the ISIS division in Gaza, to operate freely with their blessing and funding? Israel has no obligation to cooperate with this biased organization that has no credibility. As for the Palestinians, back to their terror loving ways. Begging Israel to respond so they can cry to the media and grovel for sympathy.
29. To: Benji at No. 28
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.13.14)
Lovely post. Made my day! Thank you.
30. UN
Robin Benoff ,   Teaneck USA   (11.14.14)
A biased organization can not judge ,they have shown who feeds and supports their words of incitement
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