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In search of fame, Shin Bet got caught in a blunder
Nahum Barnea
Published: 14.11.14, 00:01
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FO ,   Belgium   (11.14.14)
Call it a blunder or more precisely a criminal act: THE still picture of a sack of cement, with Hebrew inscription on it in a Hamas' tunnel! This picture will remain the symbol of the last Gaza operation; it will remain the symbol of Israel's moral collapse, the race after money! Every one should have known exactly what the delivered cement was meant for; but money prevailed! The quarrel between IDF and Shin Bet will not help to exempt both of them of their responsibility in this matter! Knowing and not making it public!
2. Really?
JVC ,   LA, CA   (11.14.14)
Is this an online news source or gossip channel? The IDF is an army. A citizens' army. The shin bet is a professional security organization. Each organization has overlapping functions, deficiencies and strengths. I find it specious that the Shin Bet cares what the army, an institution Shin Bet's operatives all graduated from as youngsters, does, doesn't do, or takes credit for. Shin Bet's best work is largely unseen by the public and should stay that way. Give the army credit where credit is due. I would wager that the IDF today (or its leadership) is very little of its former self whereas Shin Bet is arguably the best internal security in the world. IMHO.
3. Shin Beth - history of sucesses and affairs:
Scharp ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.14.14)
This time - a blunder, an embarrassing affair, in our frantic world of media, breaking news, spin, hype, vanity and careers. But in the end, except the "Uvda-show" - did Shin Beth do a good job, Before and during Protective Edge? Did 50-60 israelis die partly because of bad performance by the Shin Beth and/or by the IDF? I don´t know. But no one is asking for an inquiry, a commission. So - the actual work os Shine Beth was brilliant, the media-talk was lousy and ridiculous, That´s it, end of story, or more to come?
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