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The Rabbinate's alcohol monopoly
Yizhar Hess
Published: 14.11.14, 14:14
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1. Another reason
Arie Stein ,   Smalltown, USA   (11.14.14)
This orthodox bs is another reason I do not live in Israel.
2. Wine restrictions at weddings.
Sevi ,   Toronto Canada   (11.14.14)
Drink more whisky, vodka & beer.
3. is the wine kosher?
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (11.15.14)
I have been at so many weddings in Israel and people bring their own bottles. Only once, the maschiach came out and checked a bottle of vodka which he thought was not kosher but it turned out to be OK. Never saw some one get his booze taken away...
4. Masorti movement
Yehoshua Bader ,   Safed, Israel   (11.15.14)
Another reason why this movement shows its ignorance and can under no circumstances have any say in Halacha. And by the way: Mevushal (cooked) wine does win prices, so Yizhar Hess is ignorant on 2 levels.
Jew 6Pack ,   ATLANTA   (11.15.14)
DO THEY HAVE THEIR TENTICLES IN EVERYBODIES POCKETS? EVERYBODIES LIFE AND BEHAVIOR? SO, HERE IS A JEWISH MAFIA/BIG BROTHER TYRANNY, the overly trusted rabbinate...again with their hands in the community till. .such a pity to see these former "role models" for the clawing greedy hell bringers they really are.
6. The tyranny of the ultras is the cause of Israel's demise!
Davez ,   AMERICA THEBEAUTIFUL   (11.15.14)
The ultras in their tyranny and endless greed, has spit in the eye of the world long enough to make JEWZ HATED AND REVILED! and also spit in the eyes of 90% of all Israeli Jews. Iask like everyone else, WHERE ARE THE CONVICTIONS? THE ARESTS? The police? THE AG? where?
7. Seriously?
Yosef ,   Dania Beach   (11.16.14)
I mean you are complaining seriously? The rabbis are doing nothing but enforcing Halacha. Is nothing new. This has been jewish law per millenia. You can always complain to G_d who made the book and gave the instructions but do not complain when he call you upstairs to give you an answer
8. Some Jews steal, in this case the rabbinate.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles   (11.15.14)
9. An other reason
Sam ,   Belgium   (11.15.14)
Enjoy ur Gaulat There will come A time that ull run back
10. to all coments
jew ,   europe   (11.16.14)
Are you jews?? Is it possible that people here are jews? Tora and jew is one , but you all hate everything what comes from Tora... If not rabbies we are not anymore here... G-d gave them permision to rule and we need to respect them this is what makes us jews.already more than 3000years. You wanna live as goi? No problem but dont destroy jewish life style. Go to church,eat pork but stay away from saying what real jews have to do !
11. Non Jews serving wine
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.16.14)
They may NOT serve the wine , but bring the closed bottle to your table where you will have to open it by yourself . I knew a non Jew who worked as a waiter at kosher , strictly orthodox , weddings . He behaved this way and it was OK .
12. Pasteurised wine
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (11.16.14)
The great majority of Kosher wine used in the Diaspora is yayin mevushal or pasteurised wine which may be handled by a non-Jew. Few mainstream Jews could tell by taste whether or not wine is pasteurised. Yizhar Hess is living outside the boundaries of Halacha and trying to stir up confusion.
13. Disgusting!!!
gawain ,   israel   (11.17.14)
Like just about everything else into which official "Orthodox' Jewry is able to sink its claws
14. To ALL Posters . . .
Danny ,   London England   (11.17.14)
This is standard Halacha regarding wine and this is why caterers use pasteurised wine, so that non-Jewish waiters can pour it. Wine is sacremental and has special rules. Anyone involved in kashrus understands this, even if Yizhar Hess seems a bit unsure.
15. trash talk
dave ,   safet israel   (11.17.14)
16. stop being a cry baby
Joe ,   Tel Aviv   (11.18.14)
If you want a wedding hall with a kashrut certificate there are rules. You don't like the rules go somewhere else.
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