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Israelis versus Ebola
Sarit Rosenblum, Smadar Shir
Published: 15.11.14, 09:03
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1. Israel has sense to enforce 21-day quarantine upon return?
2. The quarantine should be 50 days not 21 days. According to
Rivkah   (11.21.14)
the health minister of Sierra Leone who cannot get this information past the FDA, nanoparticlized silver solution stops ebola. Another thing found to stop the virus from replicating is green tea extract and/or green tea. If a person has ebola, there are gallons of vomit and diarrhea that must be replaced with fluids for any hope of survival. Green tea by the gallon or water is helpful. Keeping hydrated is a challenge since it is difficult to keep fluids down. A beauty salon owner/operator in NYC that specialized in braiding black peoples' hair dropped dead after testing negative for ebola after her return from West Africa. She was bleeding from the nose and mouth and firefighters did not know to wear hazmat suits. Revelation says a fourth of the people on earth will die from wars and famines and droughts and diseases and wild animal attacks. Ebola is from wild animals since the Africans who initially contracted the disease and spread it ate monkey brains and bats.
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