Jordan reportedly says Israeli aggressions harm fight against Islamic State
Roi Kais
Published: 15.11.14, 13:07
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1.  Ultra Right fell into Trap gProvocations not needed.
Zechariah   (11.15.14)
The UltraRight in Israel fell into a Trap and will be now seen as Provocateurs .The Core is for maximum security especially with Iran and Isis .If its not ISIS its Iran and Hezbollah .If not Iran and Hezbollah ISIS .Will the Arabs of Israel accept Demilitirization . .Gaza is with itsTunnels and Rocket supply is an ominous sign .There is a room land swap IslamicIsrael already the Fatah and Hamas Flags Fly in the Palestinian Towns is Armistance 1949 Israel.
2. Kerry should not support violent ISLAMIC APARTHEID!!!!!!!!!!
Is America still ,   AMERICA   (11.15.14)
America should demand equal human and religious rights for everyone... INCLUDING JEWS!!!
3. Oh, please!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.15.14)
The little king from the desert has yet to explain how his shitty country allowed the Al Aqsa mosque fall into such a severe state of disrepair between 1948 and 1967 that Israel had to spend tens of millions of dollars just to keep it from falling down. He also owes an explanation for why his shitty country blew up forty-seven synagogues in 1948, including the beautiful and ancient Hurva Synagogue. So, all of a sudden, because it suits his political purposes, he affects a staunch loyalty to a mosque he has never, EVER visited. Oh, please. The only thing standing between the tiny king and permanent exile is the question of whether, upon annexation of Judea and Samaria, Israel will repatriate Jordanian citizens to their country of citizenship or if Israel will simply send them to Gaza. Tiny king is way over his head. Israel controls his future -- or lack thereof. The only thing that has kept ISIS from storming over the border into Jordan is the knowledge that Israel will not allow that. That could change. Easily. The tiny king needs to keep that in mind. He is, after all, "king" of a land which was given to the Jewish people by the Treaty of San Remo. The half-British, half-Iraqi king and his Kuwaiti bride really need to keep that in mind.
4. To: Facebook Suleiman Haq
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.15.14)
My, oh my! Not only have you drank the KoolAid, but you're actually dispensing it. Please. Islam is a gutter religion which glorifies death and destruction. Your "prophet" Mohammed was a paedophile pig. Normal people throughout the world are realizing that Moslems represent the greatest threat to civilization that has ever existed. We are SO much better off without you primitive and blood-lusting knuckle-draggers. You're going. Enjoy the ride to hell.
5. Teeny weenie Jordanian King a fighter? LOL
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (11.15.14)
That's chutzpah, telling Israel anything period. This little maggot has the ear of the reporters but, no balls, and no victories. KEEP BUILDING AND.... WHEN'S THE THIRD TEMPLE TO BE BUILT?
6. Jordan couldn't swat a fly.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (11.15.14)
Her mini king's too short.
7. Sure Suleiman Haq. The 300M Islam massacred is Israel fault.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (11.15.14)
Islam is the most murderous Satanic ideology in the history of mankind and Muhammad is its first criminal.
8. That was OBAMA speaking
Jeff ,   TLV   (11.15.14)
I sure hope Israel doesnt fall for this nonsense, Obama is sending Kerry and telling him to have the king there say this nonsense.
9. yeah well the Jordanian state hurts the Palestinian state
jordan is the ,   Palestinian state   (11.15.14)
10. Joke of the year: "international effort" to fight ISIS
CJK   (11.15.14)
someone needs to inform king abdullah that currently there is no international effort to fight the aptly named islamic state. indeed, at this moment rich sunnis are providing funds and other support to the islamic state. turkey has not closed its border to the jihadi terrorists of isis. obama has been informed that the sunni states will not stop supporting the islamic state as long as assad remains in power.
11. what a stupid evil statement!
Calibi ,   Sydney Aust   (11.16.14)
What a stupid and evil statement! What have Israel Jerusalem capital got to do with sunni killing shias killing sunni in a barbaric inhumane manner? No only that innocent Christians & Minorities whom absolutely have no part in (i s) evil religious doctrine of the koran. Is an insulting statement to the free world. Evil is evil, yet revenge is not acceptable when Serbs killing muslims to settle the ottoman atrocities during the 600yr Turkish rule. May God bless Israel and her capital Zion!
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