Israel sees sharp rise in tourists from Arab states
Itamar Eichner
Published: 16.11.14, 23:33
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1. Indonesia
Schmidlap ,   Canada   (11.17.14)
The tourists from Indonesia May not necessarily be Muslim. Indonesia has large minorities of Christians, Hindus and Buddhists.
2. Have they all left??
David ,   Hartford USA   (11.17.14)
How many are ISIS dirtbags just getting ready to assist the local psychopaths out for Jewish blood? Can the customs people at the airport and borders honestly state that everyone who came here has left on schedule? How many have slipped through and are missing? Islam states 'War is deceit.' How many 'vacationers' have remained behind to cause trouble?
3. Are you sure they are moderate Muslims -
barbara ,   Haifa   (11.17.14)
and not just scoping out the territory ?
4. They simply want to "case" the future Dar Al
5. Gazan tourists?
Danny ,   London England   (12.09.14)
Is there some way to issue Gazan Hamas supporters one way tickets and visas to Arab countries of their choice?
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