Tibi at al-Aqsa: 'We own this place'
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 16.11.14, 11:43
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1. Tibi owns nothing except words
CJK   (11.16.14)
tibi loves to show off and to provoke but he accomplishes zero for the people who elected him.
2. Usual blowhard incitement
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.16.14)
Tibi should be stripped of his MK status, and placed under house arrest while awaiting deportation proceedings. Let's send him and his entire family to Gaza. Supposedly they need doctors there .... but I don't believe that in Gaza's society, male gynecologists can treat female patients. Males rarely need gynecologists, so perhaps TIbi will have to become a construction worker. Truth be told, no one cares what he does, or how he earns his ill-gotten bread.
3. We Own Tibi
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (11.16.14)
And we own OUR holiest place; The Temple Mount. The sooner our government exercises control over both, the better.
4. Soon he and Zoabi will be able to do to each other what they
are trying to do to us, Israelis but it won't be on our Temple Mount. he'll do his mounting in Jordan or Gaza....
5. #2
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (11.16.14)
He could happily practice in Gaza what he no doubt desired to do originally - proctology.
zionist forever   (11.16.14)
The arab world needs new leaders. Lets follow the post WW1 British example of taking arab princes from Saudi Arabia and creating kingdoms for them to rule over. We could make Kingdoms for Tibi & Zouabi and they could have all the arabs in Israel & the likes of Gideon Levy to rule over as their subjects.
7. Vote Sarah B to be next Israel PM
zionist forever   (11.16.14)
Sarah B has some of the best ideas, we need a PM like her who can be counted on to think outside the box and finds unique solutions and won't take any nonsense from the likes of Obama or Abbas. VOTE SARAH B
8. NO you don't OWN this place
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (11.16.14)
Israel owns the TEmple Mount and the violent pals are guests... for now. Things change and expect in this century a third Jewish Temple where this ugly tin canned topped monstrosity now sits. It doesn't belong there. Probably some 'pal resistance' fighter will accidentally burn the thing to ashes? One can hope. KEEP BUILDING ISRAEL !!!
9. Reply # 3 Yishai Kohen
Dan ,   Haifa   (11.16.14)
yes please do go and exercise your religious rights on the temple mount. Dont forget to wave to the cameras
10. God owns everything
We're only custodians. Disagreements can be cleared up using the Word of God. And if there are still disagreements, then that's why there's Messiah.
11. Moslem fanatical fantasy-land!
Benny ,   Iran   (11.17.14)
What kind of childish fantasy land are Muslims like Tibi, Zoabi, Abbass living in? They believe that Mohamad rode on a donkey flying into our space because someone wrote a false tale into the Quran? Really! That's the mind of idiots. "Cursed are those who curse Israel". Look around you the Muslim evil Empire is crumbling right and left!
12. " We own this place "
Gabe ,   Canada   (11.17.14)
Arabs own the buildings. Jews own the Temple Mount. Arabs are free to relocate the buildings to any Muslim Country before the grounds are cleared.
13. 8
zionist forever   (11.17.14)
For the sake of the vote itself there needs to be an international trust created to be responsible for the site not Israel or arabs. Conditions would be a small synagogue away from the mosque compound where Jews could come pray if they want, arechology and the site itself protected from the Waqf who dig illegally and the government is to scared to stand up to them, let the Waqf be responsible for prayers & nothing more. Israel is to afraid to run the site responsibly so it does not DESERVE to have sovereignty over it.
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