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German village plays prank on neo-Nazis
Marlene Halser
Published: 17.11.14, 16:10
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1. You forgot to tell us, that since decades the US-Airforce is sitting in Wunsiedel
Yair ,   Yisrael   (11.18.14)
and making flight tests -(beside that some strong nazi groups and their heads are located in the area as well since decades but German and EU bodies don't act)- for long and short distant flights; with military planes and with drones. May be we should explain them, how they can operate their drone cameras.
2. Please clarify: the lease for what ran out?
ASTRONAUT ,   USA   (11.17.14)
"visiting the grave of ... Rudolf Hess, which was located in the village until it was dissolved in 2005 when the lease agreement ran out." Please clarify this text - did the lease to Hess' grave run out? Does that mean his remains were transferred out of town? At any rate, Dankeschein citizens of Wunseidel for standing against tyranny.
3. German humour?
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (11.17.14)
Who said Germans don't have a sense of humour? We have ways of making you laugh!
4. All of you step dancers @ facebook ,...
split ,   US   (11.17.14)
Don't hold your breath, a while ago Wiesenthal Center announced an Operation Last Chance II project, which offers rewards of up to 25,000 euros for information which will help facilitate the prosecution in Germany of unprosecuted war criminals ,... So far no response, zero, zilch ,... By the way those neo-nazis are demanding what you're enforcing for decades an 'infiltrators raus' policy ,..
5. New version of "Springtime for Hitler".
leo ,   usa   (11.17.14)
6. this article
moreyn kamenir ,   old orchard beach   (11.17.14)
No one can see the end of the article because there is a video ad in hebrew right on top of the end!!!!
7. "lease" confusion
kisha ,   manchester   (11.21.14)
I wondered the meaning behind this too. I haven't re-read the article yet so excuse me if i'm mistaken but so I noticed two or three minor mistakes in the use of vocabulary specific to the subject that were indicative of a non native English speaker. They were barely noticeable however and plenty of people who's first language is English wouldn't have spotted them even after having them pointed out (I say this to make very clear that if the writer isn't a native English speaker that their grasp of the language is almost flawless . My point is that perhaps the use of the word 'lease' is simply a vocabulary mistake. However i do very much doubt this and i would appreciate it if my use of the english language in this reply is not scrutinised and shown to be pretty shoddy! My other thought is that the 'lease' refers to a contract.. i.e the land containing the grave was being rented and the individual/organisatiopn renting the land had erected some kind of memorial on it.. i could be entirely wrong here maybe he was renting his grave and now he's being kicked out.. who knows.. nazis are bloody werid
8. LOL The city made monkeys out of the neo Nazi's
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (11.21.14)
in the tradition of Herr Hitler only Hitler had no sense of humor and neither do his dunce followers. Clever.
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