Life in the shadow of Hebron's cave
Elyakim Haetzni
Published: 19.11.14, 10:19
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1. Islam, Abraham, Hebron, Mecca:
Samuel Fistel ,   USA   (11.19.14)
Islam holds that Abraham was a muslim, and not a Jew. He lived in Israel. He fathered two muslim sons, Ishmael and Isaac. Although he loved Ishmael more than Isaac, allah ordered Abraham to exile Ishmael and his Egyptian mother Hagar 500 miles south to Mecca. The 100 year old Abraham then traveled to Mecca several times to visit Ishmael. One time, allah ordered Abraham to sacrifice Ishmael outside of Mecca. Later, they built the Kaaba in Mecca together. Hagar's exile and Ishmael's sacrifice are celebrated in the pilgrimage to Mecca. The muslims base their claim to Hebron on this story, and insist the Jews are liars who falsified the Torah to produce the Book of Genesis.
2. Islam destory everything it touches
daniel ,   TA _ IL   (11.20.14)
there is not one country in the world where muslims do not attack and butcher non-muslims in the name of islam... this happens all the time in europe, bu the euronazis prefer a few death christian than to admit that their antisemtic influx of muslims allies in hate against jews blew up in their faces
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