Israeli economy is slipping into recession
Gad Lior
Published: 19.11.14, 00:31
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1. One bad quarter does not mean a downward trend
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (11.19.14)
Of course that war had an economic impact. Duh! But economies have an underlying dynamic that, after such a disruption, sooner than not returns to its "normal" pattern, even bringing it back to its normal growth pattern. People who'd been away from work serving return to work and endeavor to make up for lost time and opportunities. Purchases put off over uncertainty are made. A currency weakened means exports are more competitive. (It wasn't long ago that exporters were complaining the shekel was too high!) So there's no call for undue concern. Israel survived the economic hit related to the war in 2006, and the global downturn of 2008-09. It'll weather this one too.
2. If we keep on choosing the absolutely unfit people for our
finance ministers (only because they're famous & photogenic) then even our "Yiddishe Kopf" won't do us any good. If the Jews, with our inbred "thing" for money shall fail, what about the lesser beings (all the Goyim?!) Think about the implications, mun!
3. no kidding? really? they were surprised?
we are all in fantastic debt. The middle class is shrinking. Groceries, apartments, cars and car repairs are all profoundly high. A baby carriage costs NIS 3000 in Israel but I can get it on line for 1/2 that price ... and the government fools are surprised? I really don't get that one.
4. The golden land
alex ,   fort lauderdale, USA   (11.21.14)
To solve all of our deep economic problems. The gap between the rich and the poor. A country without a middle class. A can of soda is over 3-1/2 dollars and the Arab problems I have a solution we have to buy more F35 jets at 140 million a piece.
5. lose
john ,   toronto   (11.26.14)
There is nothing left to lose. And they are my plans for the people. They will come to their right sense, those who engage in wrongdoing. They need to be brought lower. Till they know to do what is right. Those who get money the wrong way never win.
6. Last year's gas discoveries pushed growth
Miron ,   USA   (11.27.14)
by double digits, if not more than 20% up. To call an adjustment "recession" is technically correct, but hardly anything more than cheap propaganda.
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