Four people killed in terror attack at Jerusalem synagogue
Noam (Davul) Dvir, Agencies
Published: 18.11.14, 13:00
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1. Incitement against the Jewish State
C   (11.18.14)
the continued incitement by obama and his european acolytes against the sovereign jewish state has been bearing fruit. arab palestinians have been attacking jews with vehicles, knives, sling shots, fire bombs, molotov cocktails, axes. today's massacre in the har nof synagogue of jews praying to g-d is a direct result of this incitement by obama and the europeans. netanyahu must tell obama and the europeans that he will not resume negotiations as long as they keep inciting, threatening, blackmailing.
2. Abbas...intended or unintended consequences?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (11.18.14)
The problem is that Abbas has NO just drifts and ducks and dives, incites. uses fiery words, globe trots like some grand world sporting his Keffiyeh try to promote his macho and deflect his ineptitude Until that tired old drifter comes clean with the Palestinian Public and define the 4 Routes to Statehood....we will we be imprisoned in Abbas Time Warp while we let down yet another generation
3. It is best to kill the terrorists instead of wasting money
Rivkah   (11.18.14)
on trials. Why are the Muslims so unthankful to HaShem that they get so much land and wealth and cannot leave Israelis alone who have so much less? Israel should have much more land by the promises of HaShem to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to the Tribes of Israel, not the Philistines (Palestinians) or the Ishmaelites or the descendants of Esau.
4. Get rid of Livni who's to be blame for this.
Anna   (11.18.14)
Any nutcase talking peace with heads of terrorists must be thrown out of the government.
5. Orders from Iran...
ex-frummie ,   Johannesburg S.A.   (11.18.14)
The U.S. is about to announce a 'deal' with Iran. It will be an extremely bad deal. Iran wants to keep Israel busy with domestic terrorism so they can 'escape' from an Israeli response. It isn't going to work...
6. Enough is Enough
Jon ,   Baltimore Maryland   (11.18.14)
The palestinians have created a 5th column within Israel by obtaining citizenship. It is time to revoke all palestinian citizenship and start the transfers to the east bank. Those that chose not to transfer will be dealt with accordingly. Anything less and we will continue to see the massacre of Jewish citizens on Jewish soil. They use our kindness against us and it all must end. No humanitarian aid, electricity, water, jobs, etc for them. Let them hang themselves with their own nooses.
7. free palesine
Free Palestine ,   Palestine   (11.18.14)
we are sorry to kill civilains but you guys giving us no choice since your army is hidding behind he great walls , so please we are so waek and we are so un intellegent like you so we cant harm you ! just come in the streets and fight like men , but if you keep hidding then we have to do the same what happend today . again we dont want your civilians but your coverment is not protecting you they must warn you and tell you evacuate palestine but they are not telling you that , so blame them blame your goveroment
8. To: No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.18.14)
Oh, Iran can deflect all the attention it wants. It does not detract from the fact that Iran is taking a bad beating in Syria, nor does it change the fact that Israel has trashed Iran's computer networks and bombed its nuclear facilities. Iran never saw us coming ... and they never saw us going. The mullahs are shi**ing into their very handy portable toilet headgear. As well they should. They haven't seen anything yet.
9. This is wrong and haram!
Khalil ,   West Bank   (11.18.14)
This is wrong and haram! Killing is never a good statement!
10. They really don't do ANYTHING in life except killing
Deborah ,   Jerusalem   (11.18.14)
Jews are achievers, inventors and productive human beings. My heart goes out to my jewish brothers. Speedy recovery
11. What will it take for those who refuse to participate in the
Al   (11.18.14)
defense of country to wake up and realize that they must start participating in the defense of the country. 'God was in Auschwitz too.' Wake the hell up, put aside the talis, train to use a gun and start defending yourselves. When you use religion as an excuse for being stupid, you are not religious, you are just stupid.
12. Abbas artfully painting himself into a corner
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (11.18.14)
Can anyone explain the strategic sense for Palestinians for our Keffiyeh decorated Fashion Icon Abbas to stoke up the fires of hatred, destabilise the area and sink the Palestinian West Bank Economy into oblivion? Or is it simply his bungling and bumbling attempts to deflect Palestinian Public Opinion from his ineptitude in even FORMING a strategy toward Statehood let alone implementing it Not until Abbas, the wider Palestinian Public, the World Community knows clearly what our road to independence is we will always be stuck at the Abbas Starling Line So is it a 2 State Solution, 3 State Solution or 1999 Plan?
13. Terror attacks
Daniel ,   Israel   (11.18.14)
Do not give up on policy of destroying attacker's homes
14. And Jew want to pray on the temple mount...
Brett L ,   JHB RSA   (11.18.14)
And jews just want to pray on the temple mount! Another horrific unnecessary event that should highlight to the world what people are the real problem. MTDSRIP!!
15. Terror attack
Despoina ,   Athensgreece   (11.18.14)
And the world stand silent.
16. blood is on gaverment hands
jew ,   europe   (11.18.14)
or they will do something or resign this is joke and only one laughing are arabs
17. Q:Did Kerry call to condole or to warn Israel to do nothing
Alan ,   SA   (11.18.14)
18. Just where is Zoabi now?
Tim ,   Brighton   (11.18.14)
19. To No 9
Jacob Golan ,   Jerusalem   (11.18.14)
Thank you Khalil, brave statement. We would have peace if they all spoke against this evil killing. All killing OF ANY INNOCENT IS WRONG.
20. Kahane was right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ben S ,   Free world   (11.18.14)
21. To Omar abdul....
Tom ,   US   (11.18.14)
OMAR abdul... sorry forgot your name have no right to post such low and despicable comments on this site. You have a lot of hate against Jews to spew and a more appropriate forum would be on the Arab/Moslem /Hamas sites. Everyone will agree with you there. You have no place here.
22. Enough !!!
Nick ,   Sweden   (11.18.14)
Hit back! Now! How come Jerusalem is wide open to these savages?
23. two brothers
kyle   (11.18.14)
that have a mother , father,and other family members and close friends that would have known their intentions. Its time to consider all those who aid and abet these acts. If the brothers wanted to offer themselves as martyrs those who kept quiet should also be considered for this honor. Then at least those who carry it out would know its not just them that will get the payback
24. We reap what we sow
Emma ,   Tel aviv   (11.18.14)
Nethanyahu and his fascist government are to blame... Emma.
25. Attack
Dov ,   Canada   (11.18.14)
The Mercaz Harav attack was not in The Old City as you report. Not that it makes the slightest difference to me, but others would find justification in that distinction.
26. the chief rabbi is dead wrong
marv   (11.18.14)
How many times I have advocated to the rabbinate and the leaders of the religious to train all the religious in self defense and to post guards front and back of every school and synagogue. How many times have I advocated this to no avail. They have to study, to pray ,they have no time. Jews continue to invite their own death by this passive, wimpish, blind devotion to prayer and study. The problem is all jews are besmirched by this rank pacifism which is what it amounts to.Rabbis and haredi leaders should have guns under their prayer shawls and blast the arabs to hell at the first sign of trouble. Instead of harmless statements of livni lapid and bibi, idf should pull in the whole abbas clique for questionning and those who incited should be arrested and locked up, unless they flee. Then idf can dispatch them. Israel appears to be one big bloody wimp of a country. Take thebloody gloves off and get serious.
27. How Can You Make Peace With These People?
emanon ,   USA   (11.18.14)
28. Stop giving them jobs in Israel!
m   (11.18.14)
Until now all killers worked in the area for jews. Anyone remember Yeshivat ha Rav massacre of boys? The killer worked for them. Anyone remember arab workers killing their bosses in the last intifada? He who does not will o it again
29. Four people killed in terror attack at Jerusalem synagogue
Sonja Paulina ,   Alberta, Canada   (11.18.14)
I have hope that anger and hatred will not prevail in this. Love is stronger than hate and God is the judge and punish-er. We need to put our trust in Him to carry this out. Love your enemies and do good unto them, pray for them and forgive them so that you too will find mercy in a time of need.
30. This is the time for the Hassidic Community
Tova ,   Canada   (11.18.14)
to finally realize their obligation in joing the IDF. The ultra-orthodox does not fully recognize Israel. Now is the time they must open their eyes and realize GOD gave them this land. They must defend Israel as GOD commanded - Every male to be in military service. This makes anyone angry about what happened. The Hassidic Community must join the IDF. Open your eyes.
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