Netanyahu to world leaders: I want to see outrage over this massacre
Ynet, Agencies, Hassan Shaalan
Published: 18.11.14, 20:14
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1. Harshly ideas
Tom ,   Brooklyn   (11.18.14)
new BibiHu's single: Harshly ideas on the stores now
2. "Respond harshly"=admit more Hamas family members to Israeli
ab   (11.18.14)
hospitals ? Israeli docs ' and Lefties sycophancy and servility knows no bounds
3. all goverment to the prison
wise ,   eu   (11.18.14)
there were warning arabs tried slowly sloewly incdent, stabing of soldiers ... nice and slowyl to see nothing much happen they can "expand" it is creal that in israel you can kill jew so why not?? goverment didn protec citizens only because what they are intersting in is image in eu and usa shame on you! blood is on netanahu e livni , lapid hands !!!
4. Netanyahu: We will respond harshly
A ,   Belgium   (11.18.14)
King Bibi the Weak will huff, and he'll puff and he'll blow the terrorists houses down, but not much more than that probably. Moshe Feiglin for PM now!
5. Status quo of Temple Mount won't change anything
barbara ,   Haifa   (11.18.14)
This is only an excuse for an uprising and murder rampage. They love it. They hate the normal world of working and existing within family life. There only wish is for martyrdom. Especially when Abbas is inciting them with the lies of history.
Robert ,   Israel   (11.18.14)
Can you imagine how many times I heard the same words coming out from our PM? And nothing has changed up to now.
7. Stop willing and starting doing. No jail for terrorists
Anna   (11.18.14)
kill them immediately.
8. Waiting for Livni's friend Abbas the terrorist head topraise
Anna   (11.18.14)
to praise it
9. As usual Israel is blablablabla
ramallah ,   palestine   (11.18.14)
you can do nothing,
10. Also...
Temima ,   Jerusalem   (11.18.14)
Please stop the parade in Tel Aviv. It always brings us harm in the Holy Land. All my family has written this but Ynet doesn't publish it. We need proteccion from HKBH!!!
11. "Harshly response" - heard it before?
Johannes ,   Norway   (11.18.14)
12. A dreadful, shocking, despicable act ...
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (11.18.14)
....but hardly surprising. The awful fact is that this is all so depressingly predictable. We now see the usual choreographed comments: the world condemns, Israel takes revenge, Hamas justifies, PFLP takes pride. In the end the cycle of violence will stop. There will be more mutterings and plans for peace talks - which will ultimately fail. Ther will be new flashpoints, people will be maimed and killed, the world will condemn ....and so it goes on. Some appear to be satisfied with this status quo - especially Netenyahu, Hamas and others. Meanwhile Jews and Arabs continue to suffer from a paucity of imaginative political leadership which might actually give both sides hope for the future.
13. #9 remember that when a year from now you'll be whining
about whatever israel did to assure its security, just as you're whining today about the separation wall. You're people just love creating self fulfilling prophecies upon yourselves. Don't start crying about 'racism' and 'apartheid' when Israel is finally sick of your bulls*it and starts revoking citizenship from E.Jeusalem citizens and expelling them to... oh, i dunno, let's say, Ramallah. Enjoy your new neighbors.
14. MK's obfuscation prevent Individual Freedoms
ASTRONAUT ,   USA   (11.18.14)
to CWP. "Likud MK Danny Danon said that 'Netanyahu must take charge and re-establish security for the citizens of Jerusalem.' Sheket, b'vakasha, you MP's with your bodyguards – stop the blaming and START BY PASSING A CWP/CONCEAL CARRY LAW for every Israeli Citizen! Israel, are you a relic of a monarchy? Or a True Democracy! Your 2nd Amendment Friends of the USA stand by you.
15. If these get me
US citizen ,   US   (11.18.14)
I'll be well got but if I see them coming, not that I will be individually successful or that I am counting on me, I'll make it cost them as much as I can before I succumb. Only the willfully blind can deny they're coming.
16. Abbas is you puppet ya sharmouta
Marwan ,   Tel Aviv, Palestine   (11.18.14)
The moment Abbas is gone, Hamas will fuck Israel on a serious level.
17. #9 yes we can
Our problem is that our leaders are the most corrupt in human history. Our ministers Livni and Aharonovitch are more outraged at anti-Arab graffiti then this crime. If we had normal leaders we could do many things: Turkey's method of handling striking coal miners; Jordan's method of handling PLO, Egypt's method of handling Rafiah, or Obama's handling of Afghan weddings. Instead, our leaders could be peaceful: enforce the law on the Arabs like it is enforced on Jews including destroying all illegal structures in the Arab sector, allow Jews to buy homes in Arab-occupied villages, stop Netanyahu's building freeze.
18. Begin the Transfers
Jon ,   Baltimore USA   (11.18.14)
Revoke all palestinian citizenship and start the transfers to the east bank. All those that refuse should be eliminated. Remove the 5th column philistines and put them where they belong. It's enough trying to make peace with a people whose religion preaches violence. End the palestinian occupation of Israel.
FO ,   Belgium   (11.18.14)
This Palestinian attack has no nationalist motive, BUT A RELIGIOUS ONE! Still not understood, Mrs. Livni, that the Israeli-Arab conflict has its origin in the fact that Islam, ideologically, cannot and never will accept a foreign body in its mid, a body they consider as a cancer?
20. Lack of political process
David ,   Canada   (11.18.14)
Terrible despicable attack that must be condemned as with any attack on innocents, but how can anyone deny that this is the result of the lack of any political process? Unfortunately there will not be peace until Israelis love peace more than they love building settlements.
21. Palestinian terrorists had tasted human blood before
Although the killers swap for gilad shalit was correct to release him, they had tasted human blood and should like all the released have been kept under severe surveillance continuously.
22. this action had collective consequences so terrorist famili
ralph   (11.18.14)
families must suffer collective consequences. loss of all pensions, health care benefits and exile. collective consequences cannot not be one way.
Prime Minister Netanyahu would be best advised to avoid making empty threats and idle talk ,his silence would be much more effective .Nobody is scared of his threats ,unfortunately and each time he tries to talk tough he loses credibility.
Does Netanyahu even know what "Harshly " means?
No you won't .
26. To #18 Jon
Joya   (11.18.14)
You suggested to "revoke all palestinian citizenship".- perhaps what you meant is to suspend constitutional guarantees of Muslims and Christians Arabs holding Israeli citizenship? -Did any President of the United States of America applied the mechanism to protect human rights and the security of the state, or you meant that the United States revoked U.S. citizenship to Palestinians? Sincerely yours JG
27. Netanyahu is just an automaton
who responds to certain triggers. Don't expect any creative solutions from this obsolete machine.
28. "We WILL respond harshly"
Erich ,   Jerusalem   (11.18.14)
The pathetic murmurings of a feckless coward who should have retired long ago.
29. It is time for the Hassidic Community
Tova ,   Canada   (11.18.14)
take responsibility and enroll in the IDF. They do nothing to help themselves and this is the result. They ignore what is written and they are blind to understand Israel. The Hassidic Community must learn self defense and be apart of Israel. All Hassidic men must be part of Israel's defense or this will happen more in their community. They have themselves the target.
Prime Minister is unfit for purpose, all he ever talks about is nonsense about Iran and Abbas etc .Israel needs a strong leader who will put the fear of allah into our enemies day and night.
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