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IN PICTURES: New York Jews protest outside Palestinian mission
Published: 19.11.14, 13:11
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1. Only a member of a pagan religion would kill worshipers
Brauch Goldstein   (11.19.14)
while praying.
2. Why do they have an embassy there in the first place?
3. Will the Ultra-Orthodox enroll in the IDF?
Tova ,   Canada   (11.20.14)
We all know of this act of terrorism will not end. This should be the time the Hassidic Community realize their responsibilities and enroll in the IDF. Most of them do not recognize Israel and are waiting for the Messiah. They do not understand that GOD has already given them Israel and GOD commanded each male to be a soilder. The only exception was the High Priest of the Temple. Not the Hassidic Community. They do very little for Israel. This should be a sign to them to enroll in the IDF and protect Israel. Even in the days of Abraham through to Moses, David - all the community became soilders. Secular Jews will always protect the Hassidic - but the Hassidic only protect their own interest. It's unfortuantely as we are all Jews
4. Jorge Gloger @ FB - 'they cross the red line of cowardice'
split ,   US   (11.20.14)
They? What do you call a murder of 10 years old boy that got shot like a rabid dog on the other (palestinian) side of your razor fence not by some loony revenge seekers but by an Israeli border guards just one day before the synagogue massacre? ,...
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