Violence in East Jerusalem; 'Intifada starts today,' Palestinian kids say
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 19.11.14, 14:02
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1. interesting, i wonder if the schools let them out early
to riot? I wouldn't put it past them.
2. why not riot?
After they brutally murder 4 Jews in prayer and celebrate in the streets, they receive half-hearted and very nuanced berating from Obama and Europe, a wimpy reaction from Netanyahu, and whole-hearted support from Israeli pundits, the head of the Shabak and CGS Gantz who blame the Jews for their violence. The Arabs know they are on a winning streak, and their violence will be amply rewarded.
3. The Palestinian Arab Winter is approaching
This intifada will end up just like the previous Arab winters with the good people suffering and complete impoverishment turmoil in palestinian society just like in Libya Syria etc
4. not really 'demolished' if there's still a doorway
5. Arab Ethics
emanon ,   USA   (11.19.14)
Not only are the terrorstinians a death loving people, engaged in a war without due cause, they are despicable in their use of human shields and using children to wage their unfounded war. In using children, their own children, the terrorstinans validate Golda Meir's words "There will be peace with the arabs when they love their children more than they hate us".
6. Well, so the fight is on, unfortunately.
nibor ,   israel   (11.19.14)
See how far you get.
7. ahh the youth of East Jerusalm .... WTH !!
naftulee ,   jerusalem   (11.19.14)
8. Intifada starts now
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (11.19.14)
And, thoroughly provoked and goaded by the Zionist "authorities", it is long overdue. Those of moral conscience welcome it and wish its fighters Godspeed and ultimate victory.
9. Israel
SAteve Gure ,   Coconut Creek USA   (11.19.14)
Israel has only two choices. Either totally surrender to the Arabs or confront tem with everything they have. I hope they confront and defeat them
10. intifada
daniela   (11.19.14)
Israel should learn from Egypt how to deal with terror. Make a buffer zone in Israel.. expel all palestinians to Gaza or Jordan (which was supposed to be the land for the palestinians when the UN voted for the partition in 1947). Israel is the land of the jews and it seems we have yet to learn what it is written in our own Torah. Hashem said to Moshe: when you enter in the Land I have given you expell all the people living there. We have yet to learn..
11. ban cnn for 1 yr. to be reviewed at that time.
ralph   (11.19.14)
12. Start by destroying the leaderships houses
Start with rammala ,   and finish gaza   (11.19.14)
13. Arabs use their children as human shields
C   (11.19.14)
they send out their children to provoke the security forces in the hope of getting the media and european governments to condemn israel. the prime minister should order the arrest of the children and the imposition of penalties on their parents. it is outrageous that parents use their minor children as political tools and as law breakers.
14. "and tomorrow it ends" should be response of PM! But...we've
got a "Bibi", so all we can do is dream on.
15. What kind of loser is that?
Mr Psanter   (11.19.14)
Ten years old kids, seriously? Their parents shouldn't go complain after that if things go awry.
16. total seperation is the only answer.
DOV ,   USA   (11.19.14)
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