Gush Etzion incident was terror, not hit and run
Noam (Dabul) Dvir
Published: 20.11.14, 20:13
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1. Give police and Shin Bet NOBLE PRIZE
Moustafa ,   Cairo, Egypt   (11.20.14)
Wow, I am at awe of their raw brain power. How did they figure this one out? It seems to have been the mystery of the century and it only took them 3 weeks. Wow!!! Now if they could only figure out why...
2. video shows no sign of him hitting brakes
david ,   new york   (11.20.14)
clearly a terrorist attack.
3. its all over the world
jack bauer ,   kahane, was right   (11.20.14)
its happening in other countries now, and they think that it gives them a level of deniability if they are caught and prosecuted in western countries... they will waste taxpayers money in courts claiming their innocence while using our own systems against us. Shin bet should simply hunt them down like black september
4. they arent allowed to mention why
jack bauer   (11.20.14)
the elites dont let them mention islam as it might offend the members of the religion of peace, and then they might get violent and kill more people
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