Three suspected hate crimes in one night
Ahia Raved
Published: 21.11.14, 13:01
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1. Disgusting
Daniel   (11.21.14)
Racism is always disgusting, and it makes no difference if it's by Arabs towards Jews or Jews towards Arabs. In the current situation, fuelled by bad leaders on both sides, both Arab and Jewish extremists are becoming emboldened. Far too often, they even have the support of some of their community. We see Arabs justifying violence against Jews and sometimes we even see comments here (usually from the US...) of people justifying violence against Arabs. In each of these cases, it's disgusting and deplorable.
2. How is the Imam attack considered a hate crime?
all evidence point to it being done by fellow muslims who don't agree with his way. Just people being a**holes, not a hate crime.
3. The Imams car was attacked by Arabs
Jake   (11.21.14)
He had showed solidarity with the Jewish victims of the synagogue terror attack. The Arabs consider him a "traitor".
4. A wave of "violent racism"...
Ari ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.21.14)
...and not a single Arab was hurt. Makes you think.
5. Claims that it is "our land"
"our land"   (11.21.14)
What right did the United Nations have to seize Palestinian ancestral land give to a cult from europe that practice Judaism. Palestinians are an amalgam of all the people that lived in Palestine over the centuries. Where as the zionists colonists are genetically Europeans that have converted to Judaism. The real Jews are gone the way of real Druids, they have assimilated into the local people.
6. media looves inflamatory captions
m   (11.21.14)
They probably don't even know what racism means, but I is a good buzz word to please the PC left and incite hatred
7. Don't Sink To The Arab's Level!
emanon ,   USA   (11.21.14)
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