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Vizhnitz rebbe: Don't employ Arabs
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 24.11.14, 00:03
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1. does the majority suffer for the minority?
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (11.24.14)
Are the majority of Arabs trust worthy? Are they suffering for the deeds of the minority? I think that it is too difficult to know who is a supporter of terror and since the attacks have become so frequent it makes good sense to protect ones self and one's community from the possibility of an attack. Like having earthquake or fire insurance, even though it is very rare that it is needed, it is best at this time not to use Arab help.
2. yes, the rebbe is an authority on Arab-Israeli relations...
Rafi ,   US   (11.24.14)
3. next up: the Rebbe's seminar on repairing jet engines
Rafi ,   US   (11.24.14)
4. Wrong Advise from the Rabbi
Tova ,   Canada   (11.24.14)
This will only make the it worse for the Jews in Israel. Not all Arabs are the same. This Rabbi should enforce all the Hassidic to enrol in the IDF - They are a people who do not contribute any good will in the Israeli society. The Hassidic Jews don't even recognize Israel. The soilders of the IDF protect them when there is war. but the hassidic community refuse to be a part of Israel. They live in a world of superstition mixed with religious. They do not understand the commands of GOD.
5. #2 and 3
Big Yossi ,   Israel   (11.24.14)
And Rafi is an expert on rabbis and on the security situation in Israel while sitting pretty in the U.S.
6. He has Wisdom...
Deborah ,   Jerusalem   (11.24.14)
this is a way that arabs that want to work can convince rioters to stop so that they behave and then eventually educated arabs can go back to work. It has worked with some in the past. It's a way of making them civilized. Brilliant!!!!
It is facile for you to make disparaging and ,frankly ,sarcastic comments from the relative safety of the U.S. while recently jews were murdered in a Jerusalem Synagogue .The good Rebbe of Vizhnitz is right ,why take risks with those who hate you and wish you dead?
8. yes he is, you aren't
dave ,   safet israel   (11.25.14)
9. #7. U.S. "safe" like France was 20 years ago
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.25.14)
#7. Your point is good. But America is temporarily "safe". Like France was 20 years ago. The safe factors are at work.
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