Coverage of Israel should be accurate and impartial, but it's not
Eytan Gilboa
Published: 25.11.14, 08:56
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1. Sad but true
JtC ,   Nir Eliyahu / Jhb   (11.25.14)
And very very worrying...the first casualty of war is always the truth.
2. This is a Joke
Walid ,   Spain   (11.25.14)
This article is a joke. Isreal gets more coverage around the world everyday in all major newspapers than any other nation in the world. All media moguls are Jewish and they own every major networks and newspapers. Are you kidding?
3. Re: #2. Here we go again.
Martin ,   USA   (11.25.14)
The old trope that the Jews control everything, newspapers, TV stations, banks, etc. What a ridiculous statement that is and what it says about you. Enough said.
4. You forgot something, Walid
YK ,   Canada   (11.25.14)
You forgot to write that the Jews control also the governments of the world, the Jews created ISIS (or Daesh), and the Jews are responsible for the Arab Winter and global warming.
5. Yes it gets more FALSE coverage #2
DOV ,   USA   (11.25.14)
I stopped reading and watching most major networks because they pander to popularity than the truth. Thanks for this article.
6. Exce,llent article
rayS ,   NH-USA   (11.25.14)
The BBC is expert at twisting the news to give it an anti- Israel slant.ItI does the same thing to a lesser degree to USA items. Just the picking of words ,the arrangement .BBC is very good at this and our National Public Radio takes it from there.
7. BBC Beilin Report
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (11.25.14)
Years back the BBC appointed their own commission to report on BBC Middle East coverage. The resulting Beilin report has never been published and the BBC webt to court to justify its refusal to release the report. BBC won on a technicality and we may never see the report, but it seems clear their own commission was not satisfied with their Middle East coverage.
8. False Criticism of Israeli PR
Jeff C. ,   Toronto, Canada   (11.25.14)
For years, we have heard the false claim that Israel's government is terrible at communicating to the rest of the world. Not so! The Israeli press has no problem reporting on what is actually going on. It is the Western press that systematically reports falsely on what the government is saying. Jews should not beat themselves up about a failing which is not ours. This article is only a beginning in exposing the real failure - that of the Western press.
9. Israel Is The Underdog
emanon ,   USA   (11.25.14)
So how about the press showing "solidarity with the 'underdog' " as stated in the article!?
10. CNN must have quickly corrected their mistake
because I didn't notice anything. It is ridiculous to assume that they reported "mosque" instead of "synagogue" intentionally. As for the number of attack fatalities, if they reported 6 dead instead of 4 that would only seem to make the attack deadlier, so where is anti-Israel bias in CNN?
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