Opinion  Dr. Yaron Friedman
Al-Sisi's peace plan
Dr. Yaron Friedman
Published: 26.11.14, 00:56
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1. bibi
1 ,   1   (11.26.14)
bibi they are doing that , because they want to use u to bomb iran with nukes and after they exploit you they will throw you into the garbage read the history again bibi ,
2. Allowing foreign troops in Israel has "advantages"!!
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.26.14)
This article confirms my long held suspicion that Friedman is crazy. The idea that allowing foreign troops, with a long record of hostility towards Israel, on Israeli soil had "advantages" is clearly lunatic.
3. Sisi seems trustworthy
Bernard ,   New York   (11.26.14)
Sisi is a smart man who understands that the future absolutely does not lie with the Islamists nor in conflict with Israel. He is not in it for our interests but for his--yet these interests are mercifully predictable. I personally think this represents a great opportunity for Israel. Are their risks to Egyptian troops in Palestine? Sure! But it's well better than the current situation.
4. A better idea.
Gabe ,   Canada   (11.26.14)
The future State of Balestine would guaranty peace and prosperity if it is created in the Sinai and save a lot of headache to President al Sisi and to everyone else.
5. Would Not Work
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (11.26.14)
The Sissi plan could not work. You could not mix Egyptian troops with IDF troops with armed settlers, with PA security forces - a formula for disaster. And unarmed Egyptian observers would be lambs to the slaughter. Might work only in Gaza with fully armed Egyptian troops, while PA security forces are created.
6. Only on condition that IDF deploys to Egypt as well
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (11.26.14)
to separate the violent Foreign Muslim Arab occupiers from the peaceful Native Coptic population.
7. Al-Sisi should keep out
Brod ,   USA   (11.26.14)
He should be worried and concerned in facing his own challenges in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood is lurking on him and is aiming at destroying Egypt. He should keep out in meddling in Israel's internal affairs.
8. al-Sisi's dangerous peace plan.
Jouko ,   Finland   (11.26.14)
The question is - how long will al-Sisi manage to remain in power? Surely he has a lot of enemies in his own country. How long does he succeed to escape assasination plans of muslim brotherhood? After al-Sisi - in that case - who will overtake the power and the army?
9. Someone has to do it
Avi L.   (11.26.14)
Egyptian limited armed presence in Sinai had Israel placet, we can like it or not but it's still the lesser of two evils and for Gaza, since Bibi (nor Olmert) didn't want to do it, someone has to. Egypt proposed to enter Gaza and Judea and Samaria, let's let him in only in Gaza and help Abbas take care of the West Bank. If what written in the media is right, Hamas' supporter are not the majority of gazawis. A heavy handed (Egypt) and money spreading (Saudi Arabia) arab-muslim (no Jews or Crusaders) intervention should shift a good deal of the population against the islamists, turn actively many against Hamas and a few should have some accounts to settle. Anyhow what our last governments have done if not dealing with the next day, sweeping dirt under the rug hoping it will disappear on its own, lacking any long term vision? Olmert and Bibi just wanted to have "silence" and ended up strengthening Hamas. My impression is that al Sisi has too much to lose (Assuan) from a war with us while Hamas wanted a war. So let's give it a try only in Gaza. What would be the alternative? Do we want a festering islamist pro caliphate entity at our doorstep or a "moderated" Abbas-stan who will have to respond to al Sissi and to the Saudis? Which is the lesser of two evils? Hamas learning the lesson, improving militarily, growing in arrogance, pushing in Judea and Samaria and contributing in boosting global jihad? Because until someone cuts the local snake's head this is what is expecting us. Furthermore we have to stop the new riot in Jerusalem which is fueled by the failure to eliminate Hamas in Gaza. I don't think that a guy with blue hued hairdo is near to solve the riddle, so let's someone else try and deal with it. BTW nice book you wrote.
10. gaza only
dan ,   dc   (11.27.14)
Israel should welcome egypt forces into gaza. After all, gaza was occupied by egypt from 48 to 67 and the gaza arabs have more in common with egyptian than the west bankers. This could be the first step on cutting away gaza...with gaza gone, things change dramatically. Israel should welcome this proposal on the basis of gaza first...but also gaza last.
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