Government's 8-step plan to end terror
Moran Azulay
Published: 26.11.14, 08:52
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1. Yemot HaMoshiach
Avner   (11.26.14)
Finally, a strong hand against terror instead of the usual groveling.
2. will they be demolishing Yigal Amiers family home
Miriam   (11.26.14)
Or was he just a naughty boy?
3. Its always a fine line between
Tim ,   Brighton   (11.26.14)
Individual Freedoms and Collective Security Yet should that 'Line' be set in stone? Should that 'Line' be universal? Surely it should be a dynamic and adaptive demarcation that flexes and moves to account for shifting Social and National concerns and issues within the basic Democratic Framework with robust checks and balances And where as now extremists within Society are causing harm to others with no stopping then Society has every right to react more rigorously against the perpetrators and their patrons of whatever background or religion
4. failure
Aryeh Katsev ,   Israel   (11.26.14)
"Send to friend" doesn't work.
5. To Miriam: concerning Igal Amir
Nachum ,   Jerusalem   (11.26.14)
No law can be applied retroactively. Besides, his action was not terrorism but rather politically motivated assassination.
6. Very FOOLISH plan...
Eric ,   CT SA   (11.26.14)
The more the zionists oppress the more insecure they become as resistance will increase and violence will escalate. oppression will only result in the eventual annihilation and destruction of the zionists from the face of the earth...
7. stone throwers and similar mobs
jon ,   uk   (11.26.14)
why don't the army throw large nets on these mobs to trap them this way the shootings will be minimized less injuries is there any law against it
8. does the bill pertain to all
dani ,   kfar saba   (11.26.14)
Does this bill pertain to kach and tag machir?
9. Finally
Michel ,   Ashkelon   (11.26.14)
Finally a bit of good sense and self esteem,better late than ever.
10. Webmaster, u have a broken link
Rafi Natan   (11.26.14)
Bottom of this form: to get newsletter
11. Terrorism and accomplices assets must go to state / victim
bb   (11.26.14)
point four. I suggest that the assets, proprieties, vehicles, bank account of the terrorist and accomplices must be frozen and stay at disposal of the state, if the act is against the state direct or indirectly. Or given to the victim to their use. If they want to blow up, it is their own prorpiety there will be no cry wolf of the world. Like the law in many countries against drugs, like Mrs. Glick pointed.
12. Another step
Devorah   (11.26.14)
The parents of children who are allowed to participate in stone throwing, riots, etc., instead of going to school, or on days when there is no school, should be: 1. arrested and heavily fined for child abuse the first time. 2. deported, along with all their children, the second time. No third time.
13. To #2
liz   (11.26.14)
Expiry date has passed duckie more than ten years gone by honey bunchey
14. could be a good beginning
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (11.26.14)
let us hope that it works, although I would add 'shoot to kill' for stone throwers.
15. Legislation or Apartheid?
Non Jewish Immigrant ,   Haifa   (11.26.14)
Does this legislation apply to jewish terrorists as well? Will Israel revoke their citizenship and deport them back to their country of origine? Or the legislation applies only to Arabs and non jew and in this case is balatant apartheid? G. Moscatelli
16. Apartheid, here we come
Haider ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (11.26.14)
Flag waving is stupid and flag burning is even more so.
17. Finally justice instead of pussyfooting.
mindRider ,   The Free World   (11.26.14)
The only problem shall be to circumvent the extreme left-leaning high court to have these laws passed.
18. 8-step plan
joseph ,   Norway   (11.26.14)
The very BEST plan ever.
19. First Step in Dismantling Democracy
Barry ,   Boston   (11.26.14)
Greater efforts need to be spent on improving relations with the Israel's Arab community rather than focusing on punitive actions that won't work. Bibi is moving Israel in a direction it should not be moving. If is a slippery slope between these 8 steps and limiting all anti-government speech.
20. Apartheid - Again?
Eric ,   Canada   (11.26.14)
For those of you commentors crying out that this behavior is apartheid like, I thought Israel was already guilty of apartheid. Either Israel is an apartheid country or not. Obviously you arent 100% sure.
21. Be sure, that homegrown idiots like Livni will do everything
in their (measly) power to derail any attempt at bringing some normalcy into our political atmosphere. Our President is showing himself to be a total buffoon; Peres at least had some class...
22. Major economic blow to many Israeli Arabs-Do me a favour!
Alan ,   SA   (11.26.14)
My heart bleeds for them! What trash!
23. Eric
Trevor ,   Israel   (11.26.14)
I am sure yuo feel the same way about ISIS and Boko harem as well, and Al Shabab and Hamas...shame, rather dont deal with them or they will get even more upset and murder rape torture....or do you just hate Jews?
24. Dani
Trevor   (11.26.14)
No dani it only pertains to murderous filth who walk into shuls, onto buses and into kindergartens and gleefully murder jews..not a few idiots who graffiti on a wall!! stay safe in Kfar Saba
25. terrorist deterants
fleurette friedman ,   betar illit israel   (11.26.14)
bill sounds very effective. G-d willing it will become the law!!!!
26. Sounds like a good start!
Alex ,   New York, US   (11.26.14)
27. just as immediate members of murdered israeli familes impact
ralph   (11.26.14)
impacted so must immediate members of terrorists family be impacted. that's proportional, right!!? and no more returning of dead bodies. new rules. bones for bones. no more live terrorists for bones. unless they want us to change status of living terrorist?
28. Government's 8-step plan to end terror
Rachél Post ,   Netherlands   (11.26.14)
Very, very good plan!
29. Excellent!
Rivkah   (11.26.14)
30. Will Israel do the same to Jewish terrorists and nationalist
James ,   USA   (11.26.14)
So will relatives of the Jewish settlers who burned the arab boy alive be punished? Will jews who yell "Death to Arabs!" in the streets and commit nationalist attacks on Arabs and their property be punished? Will they be remanded through their trial? Will Jews who burn down mosques and write racist graffiti receive the same treatment as Arab rioters? Answer: of course not.
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