AG mulls barring Knesset members from Temple Mount
Tova Zimuki, Akiva Novick
Published: 27.11.14, 09:35
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2. #1 Jerusalemite
And what is a sensible second step? Barring Women of the Wall from praying at the Western Wall? Unlike the Jews who want to pray at Temple Mount, WoW have a reasonable alternative. Barring the Pride Parade from Jerusalem? The organizers can march in any of hundreds of other cities in Israel. And how about barring Jews from entering any Arab village or Arabs from entering any Jewish village? Danino's justification for barring Jews from Temple Mount is the same in both cases. Please do explain
3. Demand unrestricted Jewish right to visit Temple Mount
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.27.14)
The A.G. is guilty of cowardly, despicable catering to terrorists. It must not be tolerated. Nor should he be allowed to remain as Attorney General. We should all demand unrestricted Jewish rights to visit the Temple Mount. It is ours and this land is ours.
4. bar all arabs from Temple Mount
simon ,   kfar saba, Israel   (11.27.14)
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