After long wait, Netanyahu picks Eizenkot as next chief of staff
Yoav Zitun
Published: 28.11.14, 20:07
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1. eisenott and yaalon
marv   (11.28.14)
Maybe hezbollah will launch really big missiles at israel killing 50,000 people. Well if that happens, lebanon will be scorched from the arth, not talking about hitting empty buildings but the country itself slaughtered. its in your hands nasrollah. Since rabin and peres, israel has been hitting back softballs. Next time, gantz is gone. Once theblood loss is huge,t he game is over.
2. we seek what we want
restless   (11.28.14)
i am a bibihu's speeches fan
3. Bigot SPIT is eating his heart out!
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (11.28.14)
4. good pick, mazal tov
CJK   (11.28.14)
he wants to win and he thinks to win. he knows the enemy and he knows that the enemy will attempt to destroy the jewish state. he knows that to win he must fight a total war. he has moral strength unlike some others who have great physical courage but fall short on moral strength.
5. Being Chief of Staff of a military is like riding a tiger.
Rivkah   (11.29.14)
One dares not get off and it is one heck of a ride.
6. Yeah fellow BT's: wish/dream on:-) This: "He'll show them"
song is being sung every time we get new PM or chief of staff! We just don't seem to catch a break...
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