Khamenei tells Iran armed forces to build up 'irrespective' of diplomacy
Published: 30.11.14, 18:14
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1. Iran threating Israel
This mad dog Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is making threat to Israel by Iran missiles. Does this old mad dog do not realize that if he carry his threat, even before his missiles arrive Israel, the missiles will explode on Iran head, and Israel can wipe up not only Iran, but the whole Arab/Muslim/Islamic countries at the same time. Do not under estimate Israel power.
2. To # 1: Religious' Duty' Comes First
joyce fraser ,   USA   (12.01.14)
It's both sad and sick, that Khamenei's Apocalyptic mindset, doesn't provide for Iran's remaining as a functioning and living nation - just as long as The Mahdi arrives after destroying Israel to bring the 'world's end'. That's Iranian leaders' way of 'viewing things' with regard to their Islamic obligations'.
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