France vote on Palestine 'lost cause' for Israel supporters
Alexandra Lukash
Published: 01.12.14, 14:41
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1. harassing Israel
jochair ,   kfar saba Israel   (12.01.14)
Anti semitism is a paranoid obsession and a mental illness. They will do everything to destroy Israel and the Jews. even if that means sacrificing France. The moment Islam overruns Israel, not a chance for that, they will feel invincible and destroy all democracies.
2. Livni and other Leftists don't want Israel as a Jewish State
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.01.14)
but prefer it to be a Palestinian State. The French say the same.
3. Jews of France
Jason, Ph.D. ,   Charlotte, USA   (12.01.14)
Jews of France, take your wealth, your passion, and your energy out of that God-forsaken country France, and invest them in your Jewish state.
4. Depressing to read comments here
Daniel   (12.01.14)
As usual, some people commentating here think that disagreeing with what some politicians in a country might do is an excuse for spewing hate at an entire country. How is this imagined collective guilt different from when anti-semites dig up one Jew who might have done something wrong and then blame the whole Jewish people? Well, it's not. Racism is racism in either case.
5. #1
Harold ,   USA   (12.01.14)
France help Israel to have the Atomic Bomb but never told her to occupy Palestinian lands and break International Laws.
6. #2
Harold ,   USA   (12.01.14)
How can you call Israel a Jewish State when 22 percent of its population are not Jewish. Try to wise-up.
7. #3
Harold ,   USA   (12.01.14)
Israel was created for all Jews of the world but millions stayed abroad just to make more money. Do you know that the French like what you are proposing.
8. Recognition Reality
Joe Mevorah ,   Lincoln,USA   (12.01.14)
Recognition of the so-called Palestinian state appears to be the latest reality in France. What needs to be kept in mind is that this type of thinking will only encourage further acts of terrorism in France as well as the rest of Europe and the Middle East. France just like the rest of Europe is a "political whore" going back to Vichy days. In the long run it will be a mistake.
9. France will pay for its irrational Jew hatred
CJK   (12.01.14)
france has the largest muslim population in europe. together with the national front and the far left, they make an incredibly dangerous brew that one day will blow up in their faces.
10. european countries
jorge ,   brazil   (12.01.14)
show their kindness with other´s land. No lands saved the league of nations for palestinians. If France want to give away a half of its territory for a palestinian state, that´s ok, but it can´t provide israel territory.
11. Oh come on!
Joya ,   Israel   (12.01.14)
Do you really care if French parliament recognize a Palestinian State? Let's be honest, symbolic votes in European countries are irrelevant as long as they had allowed Palestinians embassies since who knows when, perhaps decades ago. There you have Russia recognized Palestinians in 1989! I haven't read your criticism about it considering the level of interest of the debate! France is not the economic leader of the eurozone ineither the Palestinians in the Middle East....
12. #7 "the French like what you are proposing."
A ,   Belgium   (12.02.14)
You may be right this time, bumpkin. Without the hassle of a Jewish minority, the moslems will be able to bellow "allahu akhbar" from the Eiffel Tower five times a day and turn La Louvre into a mosque. BTW, what brought YOU to the good ol' United States of Amerika if not "to make more money"? It certainly wasn't in order to improve your pathetic linguistic abilties.
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