French vote urges recognition of Palestinian state
Associated Press
Published: 02.12.14, 18:20
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1. France joins other EUs in building virtual Drancy/Pithiviers
Alan ,   SA   (12.02.14)
2. Yet another misleading headline from Ynet. What else is new?
Jake   (12.02.14)
"France recognizes Palestine"? Is that what the vote was about? Really? Stick with facts, and make your titles match the content of your articles, or be exposed as a tabloid and purveyor of yellow journalism.
3. France and "Palestinians" deserve each other
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.02.14)
France is already the terrified host of more than 6 million mostly hostile Muslims. France can prepare for many more, when Israel helps "Palestinians" leave our land in massive numbers. France and "Palestinians" deserve each other. This should give Israel even more motive to send "Palestinians" to France.
4. Bad decision, bad response
Daniel   (12.02.14)
I disagree with the French decision, not sure what "state" they suggest to recognize. And of course I'm embarrassed, as always, by the response of the mindless haters here. That France's parliament votes in a way we don't like is no justification for writing insults about the French. Anti-semites write hateful attacks on all Jews if Israel's parliament decides something controversial, and we rightly look down on those anti-semites. Those who attack the French people (or any other people) for what some MPs do are no better than those anti-semites.
5. statehood and accountability
ayatollah ghilmeini ,   qum usa   (12.02.14)
The EU recognizes this unsustainable mess. They have repudiated Oslo, Camp David, Taba and more. Israel should repudiate them as well. No payments; no support, no pullbacks and construction as Israel sees fit as they trashed the peace process. If Israeli police have to go into the Palestinian state because they won't be good neighbors, too bad. Water co-operation? Nope. Electricity? Nope. Airport access? Hell no and no taxes either. Now that they are an "independent" country. If they incite, arrest them, start with Abbas; wall him up like Arafat. He is worthless. Congratulations, you are free, now deal with it!
7. French have made a big mistake
CJK   (12.02.14)
they are following obama's policies. they should look at what is happening in the united states. they should also consider the results of the war in lybia and the murder of qaddafi. france was intimately involved in that war. now lybia is a failed country awash with jihadists and weapons. all of north africa and sub-saharan africa suffers from the results of the lybian war.
8. France should worry about growing terror attacks
C   (12.02.14)
in the paris suburb of creteil, three masked men invaded a home, raped a nineteen year old woman and beat severely her companion. they then robbed and stole all in sight, explaining to the couple that they were acting in this way because the couple is jewish. islamic terror in france is out of control. the attempt to give the muslims another state will only embolden the islamists.
9. They Can Recognize Oz And Wonderland Too
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (12.02.14)
All are fictions that will never exist
10. Il sont fou les FranÇais
mindRider ,   The Free World   (12.02.14)
Good luck Mr.Hollande with this latest demonstration of French unrealistic understanding of the mess in the Middle East.
11. Haj Amin al-Hollande
Francis ,   Rome Italy   (12.02.14)
Have fun with you 2 Trillion Euros State dept,and your very Intelligent Arab Citizens. Imbecile Frogs.
12. So what? Livni also does.
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.02.14)
Livni, Lapid and other Galut Jews prefer a Palestinian state to a Jewish one.
13. recognition of Palestinian state? hello! it exists in paris!
Frodo   (12.02.14)
there are more muslims in France then Israel. deal with your own muslim problem first.
14. They recognized Nazi Germany, why not 'Palestine?'
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.02.14)
The French, is there anything good that can be said about them? Let's see...... No. They caved to the Nazis in about 3 hours and then went to work for them. Now they have a restless Muslim population that will set their nation dripping in blood if France doesn't cheer for a palestinian state. That's France, always looking out for the path of least resistance, never able to take a stand for civilization, never able to see what the right thing to do is. The great French writers must be vomiting in their graves. When the great French cathedrals are turned into mosques in the coming years, they will only have themselves to blame. The next French Revolution won't be about democracy and freedom, it will be fought by Frenchmen taking back their country from the Islamic horde. It's only a matter of time before we hear courageous Frenchmen call out "REMEMBER MARTEL!!"
15. Recognition of The State of Palestine
Harold ,   usa   (12.02.14)
Italy is next and then Germany.
16. The French.
Felicia   (12.02.14)
There is a Palestinian state and it is called Jordan.
17. "France . . . has seen tensions erupt
Nick ,   Sweden   (12.03.14)
between the . . . Muslim and Jewish populations". Likewise, "tensions" between Poland and the 3rd Reich caused Hitler to attack Poland and start WW2. Ynet, loose the Orwellian language of equivalence. Jews are harassed and persecuted by Muslims in France. Period.
18. #15 And pigs will fly while squealing "To All Commentators
A ,   Belgium   (12.03.14)
Italy is next and then Germany. "
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