MKs to vote on dissolution of 19th Knesset
Moran Azulay
Published: 03.12.14, 00:35
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1. Haredim Fought in the War of Independance
Zechariah   (12.03.14)
2. Hopefully the end of the right wing
Miriam   (12.03.14)
Another failure by the right wing
3. Feb 2 would be most appropriate date
4. If Netanyahu is a coward, he will surely lose the elections
CJK   (12.03.14)
the people of the sovereign jewish state of israel will ultimately decide who is a coward and who is worthy of being the new prime minister.
5. Netanyahu wants to Take from Holocaust Survivors Fund
Zechariah   (12.06.14)
A Jew who takes a Small Sum from the Holocaust Survivors fund as they approach their last years does not deserve to be Prime Minister .
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