Project launched to clear Gaza rubble
Associated Press
Published: 03.12.14, 23:02
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1. Sweden take ALL the rubble
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (12.04.14)
that means ALL of the pals. Take them their yours.. ( hint, no one else wants the pukes , so, go for it. but, be sure to keep your 'head on your shoulders,' LOL ) LOVE BUILDING JEWISH ISRAEL!!! Sweden can have the pals they haven't anything else to worry about. LOL
2. Excuse me, but ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.04.14)
... wasn't the cement and labor costs already donated for free? I guess $3.2 million is Hamas' blackmail price. But, that aside, why is the United Nations operating in Gaza at all? Aren't the activities of the United Nations in Gaza under close scrutiny, because of the fact that United Nations facilities were used to stockpile missiles and missile launchers? That's a clear violation of United Nations neutrality, because by actively doing things such as allowing its facilities to be used caching weapons, the United Nations is guilty of war crimes? Seems to me that all actions of the United Nations and its member agencies in Gaza should be put on hold until the conclusion of the United Nations investigation into the illegal collusion of the United Nations and its member agencies, such as UNRWA, with an acknowledged terrorist organization -- Hamas. But I guess it doesn't matter to the morally bankrupt -- and soon to be fiscally bankrupt -- Swedes. All work organized and coordinated by UN agencies in Gaza must be suspended until the investigation of UN collaboration in war crimes is complete. As to the people of Gaza? Well, perhaps the United Nations should have thought about them before allowing UN facilities to be used to perpetrate war crimes.
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