Congress OKs watered-down bill on US-Israel ties
Associated Press
Published: 04.12.14, 08:55
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1. Afraid we all up'n go West?Fat chance:-) Soon it'll be our
American Brothers swarming to get here... It'll happen, you know that, don't ya?
2. Translation:
Jeff ,   USA   (12.04.14)
We all love Israel, but we know full-well that the Mossad tries to spy on America like there's no tomorrow, so we're gonna have to draw the line here on this visa thing. Yeah, though, "alternative energy research"? That's some real good shit......... let's all try to pretend to do a little bit more of that! ;) ;)
3. Who is an American?
Avramele   (12.04.14)
Seems Israeli government elements are not content with restrictive definitions of who is a Jew and wish to reserve the right to define who is an American. In addition, the article does not touch on that other issue: percentage of Israelis as compared to other foreign nationals from the West who overstay their visa and engage in suspect activities.
4. #2 Jeff
DavidR ,   USA   (12.04.14)
And who can blame Mossad considering the current administration who are corrupting the People's House, destroying America and turning on her allies?
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